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Top Hair Extension Care Advice By Professionals

Top Hair Extension Care Advice By Professionals

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So you went ahead and purchased a fresh set of clip in extensions. But now, you are curious about how to properly maintain them to last as long as possible.

Therefore, every woman who uses hair extensions clip in type must know specific tips and hacks. When it pertains to managing hair extension clips, there are some aspects to consider and things to avoid.

Here are some top pieces of advice to avoid when keeping your clip on extensions in good shape.

Employing Heat Treatment Post Hair Oil Application

After applying oil, do not use any heat styling tools. Using hair oil and then applying heat can raise the temperature and fry the hair, leading to brittle hair extensions. If you want to use heat to style your extensions, wash your hair first. Likewise, alcohol-based products should not be used on extensions since they dry out the hair a lot.

Excessively Washing The Clip in Extensions

The clip in extensions is ready-to-wear accessories. To keep it smooth and shining, you must take proper care. Over-washing the clip-ins is something to avoid. There is no need to get it rinsed as frequently as natural hair because they do not receive the oils from your scalp.

Using Shampoos That Are Either Clarifying Or Volumizing

Since clip-ins do not receive natural oils from the scalp to keep them hydrated, you should avoid shampoos and conditioners that are “clarifying” or “volumizing,” which strip the hair of natural oils. Instead, it would be better to apply a moisturizing shampoo and hydrating conditioner explicitly designed for hair extensions.

DIY Hair Extension Coloring

Attempting to color hair extensions by yourself is a big no-no. Because it has been treated with color, it will take the dye differently than natural hair. Therefore, it is better not to destress the hair by adding more chemicals because hair extensions are carefully colored using a specific procedure.

Professional coloring and box dyes are two distinct concepts, and your hairdresser will most likely have worked with hair extensions before. In some instances, they can be adjusted to the desired color and added in others. If you want your extension’s color to complement your hair accurately, the wisest choice would be to take it to a reputable hairstylist.

Similarly, it is recommended not to bleach or remove the color from the extensions because this can be highly detrimental. However, if you must, remember that color is safer on the extensions than bleach.


You can manage your hair extensions with clip in style easily. You will be on the right path if you use the correct products. To keep the hair extensions secure and tangle-free, you can use a storage bag or set aside a separate area in a cabinet where you can store them without them getting tangled in other objects. You can wash your hair as needed and let it air dry naturally. Lastly, rinse your clip-in extensions at night and let them air-dry overnight. In the morning, you can use them.

Follow the above-mentioned professional techniques and hacks to keep your clip-in extensions nice and silky.

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