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Best Ways to Use Empty Bottles For Decoration

Best Ways to Use Empty Bottles For Decoration

More Beautiful Your Home to Use Empty Bottles For Decoration

Empty Bottles For Decoration

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You see tonnes of scrap and waste lying around everyday. ‘Fetch it and throw’ is the best ideology most of you usually follow. But what if this waste can be turned into a valuable item? What if the empty pickle bottles could be used as an attractive means to welcome the guests at home or the clients at the office?

The empty jars and bottles used at home can be converted into thousands of decorative ideas. Many interior designers have started considering numerous decorative bottles ideas to give the interiors of a commercial property the perfect touch. With greens and blues everywhere, these decorative usages will surely light up your creative mind. 

The used bottles and jars carry several benefits: indirect cutting costs, time saving, more resources to choose from, carving & presenting skills, learning new techniques, etc. Apart from this, it gives back to the environment by reusing substances. Following are the best ways of reusing empty bottles for several decorative and valuable purposes.

Ways to Use Bottles for Decorative Items

A slight modification in patterns and designs give rise to a new trend. But the following trends and usages are widely acceptable. People have started adopting these styles of using waste bottles. 

  1. Arrange the Chaos

Empty jars and bottles can help you arrange the whole room or the working area in a clean way. Different jars or bottles can act as stands for keeping several items like markers, pens, safety pins, rubber bands, and many more. 

In this whole way, the room or the workspace will look tidier and will provide a visual appeal to the onlookers. This provides a very decent way of having decoration indirectly. Moreover, the open bottles or jars can be modified by covering them with colored papers or adding designs to the pot. 

  • Substitute for Elegant Flower Vase

If you want more beautiful flower vases at zero cost, using an empty glass bottle or jar is the best option. The jars can be used as a centrepiece flower vase or a corner flower vase for money plants. There are plenty of options that a person can try for making a vase with empty bottles.

Just like stands, flower vases can also be painted with traditional designs, patterns and colours. In many parts of India, conventional pots are made using such materials only. To give the perfect design, the designer can take ideas from the blue pottery of Rajasthan or similar artworks. 

  • Wine Bottles for Perfect Lighting 

Many restaurants & houses have several kinds of string lights ringed around empty juice bottles/jars or wine bottles. These not only gives splendid lightning, but also gives a sight of candlelight dinner or a sign of romantic vibe.

This can be extremely useful during special occasions and festivals like Diwali. Instead of buying diyas and string lights, this way of lighting helps in saving cost and energy. Also, this gives a modern touch to the place. 

  • Simple Decoration, Right Placement

The easiest way to fill an ample empty space is to place these empty bottles for a pleasant display. The only work that will be required to do is to design these used bottles.

With vibrant colours and patterns, the display will give an incredible visual appeal. Adding to the collection, different sized jars and bottles will make the shelf or display more attractive and noticeable. The best colour combinations for designing bottles for the display could be turquoise, blue, green, and orange. 

  • Modern Candle Holder

With the empty bottles, you can place a candle within them. This can be used for candlelight dinners and can serve as the perfect substitute for recyclable light. Bottles of different colours can also give various hues of light.

  • Make a Table Lamp

You can also design a table lamp using scarp bottles. There are only two requirements for making this – a lampshade and a wire. Make a way through the bottle for the wire and plug in the wire. Similar to other usage, modifications of the bottle will further enhance the beauty of the lamp.

  • A Perfect Dish Soap Dispenser or Hand Sanitizer

You might have noticed this way of using bottles at several places, especially restaurants. You can pour the liquid soap into this bottle rather than keep it in a Lifebuoy bottle. This gives a more artistic effect to the place where it is kept.

  • Fencing Supplemented with Beauty

Difficult way of using empty bottles for decoration; this way provides security at the place. You can make a shield or fence using empty bottles. The wall can be created by keeping the bottles one above the other in a specific pattern. This requires plenty of space as well as significant time. But it gives a beautiful sight.

Apart from these applications, the empty items can be chalk painted to give a great angle, can also be cut to make drinking glasses, etc. 


Thousand years ago, no one could have imagined that scraps like empty juice or pickle bottles and jars could be of such great uses discussed above. It is another way of innovation, keeping in mind the future. It might be a way of sustainable management, but it has arisen from the ideas that interior designers have worked out. 

The bottles can also be reused in the traditional manner, i.e., to store food or several food items. It can be traced back to earlier times when these were considered to be the perfect airtight containers. In modern times, such craft ideas give rise to the simplicity of houses. 

This not only improves the quality of that commercial property but promotes overall artistry skills and boosts individual creativity. These come in trend after realising the worth of natural resources and the efforts required to make such decorative items right from the beginning, that can be made otherwise with fewer resources in an environment-friendly way. Innovations are on the way to such decorative glass bottles, and soon the uses as mentioned above will double in coming years and decades.

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