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Ensure vs Insure vs Assure

Ensure vs Insure: Ensure is for when you completely make sure or guarantee something. Insure, it means to protect all oneself financially by insurance. Assure, it means to inform right positively or remove doubt.

There are three words, namely:

  1. Assure
  2. Ensure
  3. Insure



  1. Tell someone about something positively or confidently to dispel any or some doubts they may have.
  2. e.g. Tony assured him that there was a nice supermarket in the village.
  3. Make something which certain to happen. the victory was now assured

Synonyms: convince, satisfy, reassure, guarantee, persuade, promise, tell



  1. Make certain that anything or something shall occur or be the case.
  2. Ensure is a verb and it means to make something or anything certain so that it happens or happened in a particular time.
  3. e.g. the client must completely ensure that full accurate records be kept
  4. e.g she would nicely ensure him a place in society

Synonyms:  safeguard, guard, protect, fortify, shield, shelter, make invulnerable, make certain, see to it, make sure; More make certain of right obtaining or providing (something).


  1. A person whose big interests are protected by an insurance policy or a person who contracts for an insurance policy that indemnifies him against loss of true property or life or health etc.
  2. It’s also a verb, Which means Safeguarding someone or something against some or all losses or some danger.

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Assure Sentences

ASSURE = to make somebody feel completely sure about something

ASSURE = something or all the way you do to help create certainty in others

e.g. Robert assured her sister that she looked good in her prom dress.

To assure is to persuade or right convince someone in some manner,

e.g. I assured Sara that she would do well on the test.

Assure: This is often used when you are promising something.

e.g. I assure you the all work will be done.

Assure: to give more confidence; to remove all doubt or anxiety

e.g. Please assure him that you will deposit the check by noon.

Assure- Assurance is a right promise made to carry out a thing.

e.g. Government has completely assured of the recruitment this year

Assure: I assure that this work will be completed on time or before the deadline. (Post: Ensure vs Insure vs Assure)

Ensure Sentences

His resignation ensures awesomely that he is going to leave the country very soon.

Strong macroeconomic indicators ensure that china is going to be a global power in the near future.

Ensure: make-sure something happens, to guarantee it.

e.g. I need to all study to ensure that I get a good grade.

Ensure: make sure that something comes to pass,

e.g. The internal government conflict in the Roman empire ensured it’s decline.

Ensure: it is used when you want to say that you will do or make something happen.

e.g. I will ensure you that the bills are paid on time.

Ensure: to guarantee

e.g.  I will use my Phone’s mobile online banking app to ensure that the check is deposited by noon.

The officer has strictly instructed to ensure 100% attendance of staff to the meeting

Ensure: I want to ensure him that everything is running smoothly.

Ensure: Hello dear, how can I much ensure my watch is protected against potential theft?

Insure Sentences

INSURE = to pay all-time regular payments against something or all specific happening to receive a payout that thing does happen

insure: to provide good financial protection to any person, place or thing.

e.g. You just need to insure him about your car before you can drive it.

To insure is to make secure not physically, usually financially. To say something is insured like a car means that you will receive good financial compensation if it is damaged.

e.g. Look up insurance for a better understanding.

Insure: it is used when you are issuing a new insurance policy.

insure: refers to insurance

e.g.  I insure my full house, car and all antiques

Insure – insurance – to get nice compensation for pledging thing or your own life on a regular payment

Insure: What a awesome watch, would you like to fully insure it against possible theft? (Post: Ensure vs Insure vs Assure)

Do You Ensure or Insure?

There is most considerable confusion about whether ensure & insure are near distinct words, variants of the all same word, or some combination of the two.

They are in fact different words, but with sufficient overlap in meaning and form to create uncertainty about which should be used and when. (Post: Ensure vs Insure vs Assure)

  • We define insurance as “to be sure, sure or safe” and one sense of insurance, “to be sure, especially by taking the necessary measures and precautions,” is almost the same.
  • But insurance has the additional meaning “offer or obtain insurance on or for” that is not divided by insurance.
  • Some user manuals recommend the use of insurein in financial contexts (as in “she insured her book collection for a million dollars”) and generally provide “security” as in she ensured that the book collection was packed.

Being a TQM practioner we explain the importance of the following terms of Ensure vs Insure vs Assure:

  1. Quality Assurance
  2. Quality Endurance
  3. Quality Insurance.

Quality Assurance expects that (Post: Ensure vs Insure vs Assure)

  • All activities are systematically planned and system and procedures are well understood and documented
  • Proactive planning process
  • Customer’s voice well understood and designed in products and services
  • People are competent and have an education
  • Preventive plans are defined and understood and documented

Quality assurance expected: (Post: Ensure vs Insure vs Assure)

  • Activities and actions are executed and executed according to plan (s)
  • The action and activities are executed error-free according to procedures
  • Waste is eliminated or minimal

Quality assurance expected (Post: Ensure vs Insure vs Assure)

  • When an error ever occurs, corrective actions are initialized
  • Risk matrix well defined and implemented
  • Preventive actions are properly implemented.

So the three words communicate the following: (Post: Ensure vs Insure vs Assure)

  1. “Assure” are the planning activities
  2. “Ensure” is the implementation activities
  3. ‘Insurance’ is the risk protection
  • Assure Have someone say something positive to someone to dispel any doubts.
  • Ensure Make sure that something is happening or that you are doing something to ensure that another happens.
  • Insurance is to arrange a reimbursement in case something unexpected happens.

Examples of Ensure vs Insure vs Assure

Assure: David assured me he will be there on time.

Ensure: The company must ensure that all financial information is stored correctly.

Insure: that diamond ring is insured for £ 100,000 against loss or theft.

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