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Getting a bunk bed for you Twins? – Here are a few things you should consider

Getting a bunk bed for you Twins? – Here are a few things you should consider

Getting a bunk bed for you Twins? – Here are a few things you should consider

bunk bed
bunk bed

One thing most twin parents have in common is the bunk bed. At some point, the twins grow up to be twins who still want to share a bedroom or for some reason have to share one due to limited space. Either way, there is so much to consider before you purchase a bunk bed so you can ensure you make the right choice.

Things to consider before you purchase bunk beds for your kids

Ladder or stair construction

bunk bed

Buying a new mattress is supposed to last for six to eleven years. Bunk beds come in a number of constructions but one key factor that stands out is the mode of climbing. First, consider how old your kids are and which method would be the safest for them to use. Would you consider the staircase to be a safer method than ladders or rope?

For younger kids, staircases are the safest methods for getting onto the bank bed. This is because they provide larger footing surface so it is harder to slip and fall while climbing onto the bed. Unfortunately, bank beds with staircases as climbers take up more space in the room.

Bunk beds with ladders on the other hand have their ladders connected directly against the bed either all the way to the bottom bed or either halfway through. They are less safe for toddlers but good enough for growing teens. Ladder bunk beds are better in terms of saving more space in the room.

They type of mattress to suit the beds

bunk bed

You need a mattress that will compliment the type of bank beds you chose. When it comes to mattress material that will depend on your kid’s sleeping style so you will have to choose the one that suits their needs. The mattress size has to be compatible with the size of the bunk beds.

Unfortunately, not all bunk beds have a standard size. Some have larger bottom beds than the top ones. So, you will have to get mattresses that will suit each bunk bed perfectly. A quick browse through Slumber search can help you discover the perfect mattresses for the bunk beds you are going for.

Storage options

Do you need more storage in your twin’s bedroom? Sometimes, pace can be limited especially if you are a growing family. You have to make use of what you have, especially when it comes to limited bedroom spaces. In this case, you need all the storage you can get to keep everything organized and clean.

Getting bunk beds with in-built storage systems is a great way to save space and teach your kids how to keep their room clean and organized. You will also get extra space for other essential furniture like study tables and play area.

Can you separate the bunk beds?

bunk bed

Bunk beds are not cheap, which is why you should consider the future of your children before you make the final decision. Think about this, for how long will the twins live in the same room? Will they be sharing the bed for the next 8 years or so?

In this case there are two things to consider, a bank bed that they can grow into as they continue to develop and one which you can separate once they are older and ready to sleep apart from each other. Make sure to get a bed they will not grow out of fast because it means you will have to make another purchase even if their current bunk bed is still good as new.

Do you have enough space in the room?

bunk bed

Not all small spaces are a good fit to install a bunk bed. This is why you should always evaluate the room before you purchase the furniture. You need to know the exact surface area and height of the room so you can get a perspective of what type of bank bed will fit into that area.

Make sure you measure the correct height of the ceiling and length and width of the room for the perfect match. The space between the bunk beds is also an important factor. Check the manufactures specifications so you don’t get an upper bed that is built too close to the ceiling leaving all the space at the center of the bunk bed.

What is your budget?

How much are you willing to spend on a bunk bed? This is an important question especially because the twins will grow out of it eventually. If you plan on getting those separate beds real soon, consider choosing metal ones as they are cheaper and avoid bunk beds with additional expenses as they are more expensive.

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