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Darktide: What to Do with Old Weapons

Darktide: What to Do with Old Weapons


Wondering what to do with old weapons in Darktide? This comprehensive guide provides insights and expert advice on how to handle and manage your old weapons in the game. From selling and recycling to upgrading and salvaging, discover the best ways to make the most of your old gear and stay ahead in the dangerous world of Darktide.

In the treacherous world of Darktide, survival often depends on the weapons you wield. As you progress through the game, you’ll undoubtedly acquire new and better weapons. But what about your old weapons? Should you discard them, sell them, or can they be of use? This article explores various strategies to deal with old weapons effectively. Whether you are a seasoned player or a novice, understanding how to manage your gear can be crucial to your success in Darktide.

The Importance of Managing Old Weapons

H2: Avoiding Inventory Clutter

H3: Keeping Your Arsenal Organized

Managing old weapons prevents unnecessary clutter in your inventory, making it easier to find and access your essential gear during battles.

H2: Maximizing Resources

H3: Recycling for Rewards

Knowing what to do with old weapons allows you to recycle and convert them into valuable resources or currency.

H2: Enhancing Combat Efficiency

H3: Upgrading Your Arsenal

Properly handling old weapons enables you to upgrade and improve your gear, enhancing your combat efficiency.

Strategies for Old Weapons

H2: Selling Old Weapons

H3: Finding the Right Vendor

Selling old weapons to vendors can be a quick way to earn some currency. Locate the right vendor and get the best deals for your gear.

H2: Recycling Old Weapons

H3: Contributing to Crafting

Recycling old weapons not only provides resources but also contributes to crafting efforts in Darktide.

H2: Upgrading Old Weapons

H3: Advancing Your Arsenal

Upgrading old weapons allows you to keep your gear relevant and effective against more formidable enemies.

H2: Salvaging Old Weapons

H3: Reclaiming Valuable Materials

Salvaging old weapons lets you reclaim valuable materials used for crafting and enhancing other gear.

H2: Donating Old Weapons

H3: Supporting Fellow Players

Consider donating old weapons to fellow players or guild members who may benefit from the gear.

H2: Displaying Old Weapons

H3: Showcasing Achievements

Display old weapons in your home or inventory to showcase your in-game achievements and progress.


Q: Can I upgrade any old weapon in Darktide?

A: Not all old weapons are upgradable, so carefully check each weapon’s upgrade potential.

Q: Is recycling old weapons worth it?

A: Recycling can yield valuable resources, making it a worthwhile endeavor in Darktide.

Q: Can I sell old weapons for more than their base price?

A: With the right vendor and negotiation skills, you can sell old weapons for better prices.

Q: How do I know which old weapons are valuable for donation?

A: Weapons with rare or unique attributes may be valuable for donation to help others in their journey.

Q: Should I salvage all old weapons or keep some for display?

A: Salvage weapons for resources, but consider keeping a few as mementos or for display.

Q: Can old weapons be used for crafting new items?

A: Yes, recycling old weapons contributes to crafting materials required for new items.


In the perilous world of Darktide, effectively managing your old weapons is crucial for survival and success. Whether you decide to sell, recycle, upgrade, salvage, or donate them, each choice contributes to your progress in the game. Keep your inventory organized, maximize your resources, and enhance your combat efficiency by making informed decisions about your old gear. Remember, every old weapon can be more than just a piece of equipment; it can tell a story of your journey and accomplishments in the dark and mysterious world of Darktide.

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