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Diablo Immortal: What to Do with Duplicate Legendary Gems

Diablo Immortal: What to Do with Duplicate Legendary Gems


Discover how to handle duplicate legendary gems in Diablo Immortal. This comprehensive guide provides expert insights and tips on managing duplicate gems, maximizing their potential, and enhancing your gameplay experience.

In the world of Diablo Immortal, legendary gems are valuable assets that enhance your character’s power and abilities. However, as you progress through the game, you might find yourself with duplicate legendary gems. Handling these duplicates effectively can make a significant difference in your gameplay experience. In this guide, we’ll explore the best strategies for managing duplicate legendary gems and optimizing their use to bolster your hero’s strength and conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Understanding Legendary Gems

H2: The Power of Legendary Gems

H3: Enhancing Character Abilities

Legendary gems are powerful and rare gems that can be inserted into your character’s gear to enhance their abilities and attributes.

H2: Acquiring Legendary Gems

H3: Completing Greater Rifts

Legendary gems are primarily acquired by completing Greater Rifts and reaching specific milestones.

H2: Duplicates Dilemma

H3: The Challenge of Duplicate Gems

As you progress in the game, you might accumulate duplicate legendary gems, leading to the need for effective management.

What to Do with Duplicate Legendary Gems

H2: Combining Gems

H3: Upgrade with Ease

Combine duplicate legendary gems using the gem combiner to create a higher-level gem with increased power.

H2: Equipping Multiple Gear Sets

H3: Tailoring Your Playstyle

Create different gear sets and equip duplicate legendary gems on each set to switch between playstyles seamlessly.

H2: Trading with Friends

H3: Sharing the Wealth

Trade duplicate legendary gems with friends or fellow players to acquire gems you don’t have.

H2: Selling for In-Game Currency

H3: Gaining Resources

Sell duplicate legendary gems for in-game currency to purchase other valuable items and resources.

H2: Dismantling for Crafting Materials

H3: Crafting Advantages

Dismantle duplicate legendary gems for crafting materials to enhance your gear and create potent items.

Best Practices for Gem Management

H2: Organizing Your Inventory

H3: Efficient Gem Storage

Keep your inventory organized by storing legendary gems in a separate section for easy access.

H2: Prioritize Upgrading

H3: Focus on Progression

Prioritize upgrading your most critical gems first to strengthen your character and conquer tougher challenges.

H2: Plan Gem Usage

H3: Strategize Your Choices

Plan how to use each gem and which gear to slot them into to optimize your character’s performance.


Q: Can I remove legendary gems from gear once they are inserted?

A: Yes, you can remove legendary gems using the Extract Legendary Power option.

Q: What happens when I combine duplicate legendary gems?

A: Combining duplicate gems results in a higher-level gem with increased power.

Q: Can I use duplicate legendary gems on multiple characters?

A: Yes, you can use duplicate gems on different characters to enhance their abilities.

Q: Are there any benefits to keeping duplicate legendary gems?

A: Keeping duplicates allows you to have separate gems for different gear sets and playstyles.

Q: Can I sell legendary gems to other players?

A: Diablo Immortal does not support player-to-player trading, so selling to NPCs is the primary option.

Q: Are there any special events or activities that reward legendary gems?

A: Some special events or activities may offer legendary gems as rewards.


Handling duplicate legendary gems in Diablo Immortal requires strategic planning and creativity. By combining, equipping on different gear sets, or trading with friends, you can optimize the use of these valuable assets. Additionally, prioritizing gem upgrades and organizing your inventory efficiently will ensure that you make the most of your legendary gems, empowering your character to face the challenges that await in the world of Sanctuary.

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