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What Are You Allowed to Do While on Workers’ Comp: Your Complete Guide

What Are You Allowed to Do While on Workers’ Comp: Your Complete Guide


Curious about your rights and activities while on workers’ comp? This comprehensive guide covers what you can and cannot do, from work-related tasks to leisure activities, during your workers’ compensation period. Stay informed and make the most of your recovery time.

Being on workers’ compensation provides financial support and medical care to employees who have suffered work-related injuries or illnesses. However, understanding what you are allowed to do while on workers’ comp can be complex. In this guide, we will explore the rights and limitations you may encounter during this period. Whether you’re an employee navigating your recovery or an employer seeking clarity for your staff, this article aims to shed light on the topic: “What are you allowed to do while on workers’ comp?”

What Are You Allowed to Do While on Workers’ Comp

Navigating Work-Related Activities:

1. Restricted Work Tasks:

  • Exploring tasks you may be prohibited from performing based on your injury.
  • Highlighting the importance of following medical advice and work restrictions.

2. Modified Duties:

  • Discussing potential accommodations or modified tasks provided by employers.
  • Emphasizing the collaborative effort between employees, employers, and healthcare professionals.

3. Communicating with Your Employer:

  • Providing insights on effective communication with your employer about your recovery progress.
  • Addressing the significance of maintaining open and transparent dialogue.

Workers’ Comp Restrictions

Balancing Personal Activities:

4. Engaging in Recreational Activities:

  • Exploring the possibility of participating in recreational activities while on workers’ comp.
  • Discussing factors that may influence your ability to engage in certain activities.

5. Traveling While on Workers’ Comp:

  • Clarifying whether you can travel during your workers’ compensation period.
  • Highlighting the importance of notifying your employer and insurance provider.

6. Pursuing Educational Endeavors:

  • Discussing the feasibility of pursuing educational opportunities while recovering.
  • Addressing potential challenges and benefits.

Activities Allowed on Workers’ Comp

Managing Medical Appointments and Treatments:

7. Attending Medical Appointments:

  • Explaining your rights and responsibilities when attending medical appointments.
  • Offering tips for efficient scheduling and communication.

8. Participating in Rehabilitation Programs:

  • Discussing the potential involvement in rehabilitation and therapy programs.
  • Highlighting the role of such programs in your recovery journey.

9. Exploring Second Medical Opinions:

  • Addressing the possibility of seeking a second medical opinion for your condition.
  • Providing guidance on navigating the process.

Medical Appointments on Workers’ Comp


Can I work part-time while on workers’ comp?

In some cases, you may be able to work part-time if approved by your healthcare provider and employer, based on your medical condition.

Can I volunteer while receiving workers’ comp benefits?

Volunteering may be allowed, but it’s essential to consult your employer and insurance provider to ensure compliance with regulations.

Can I use my workers’ comp benefits for non-medical expenses?

Workers’ comp benefits are typically designated for medical expenses related to your injury or illness. Using them for other purposes may have legal implications.

Can I be terminated while on workers’ comp?

Being on workers’ comp doesn’t provide absolute job security, but termination solely due to your injury or claim is prohibited by law.

What should I do if my employer requests me to perform tasks beyond my restrictions?

If your employer asks you to perform tasks that are against your medical restrictions, politely communicate your limitations and seek clarification.

Can I travel internationally while on workers’ comp?

International travel while on workers’ comp may have implications. It’s crucial to discuss your travel plans with your employer and insurance provider.


Understanding your rights and limitations while on workers’ comp is essential for a smooth recovery process. By adhering to medical advice, maintaining open communication, and staying informed about your options, you can navigate your workers’ compensation period with confidence and make informed decisions.

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