What to Do with Shell Casings from Military Funeral


Wondering what to do with shell casings from a military funeral? This comprehensive guide offers ideas on how to honor the fallen by repurposing the casings in a meaningful way. From keepsakes to art and commemorative jewelry, find inspiration to pay tribute to the service and sacrifice of our brave soldiers.

The ceremonial firing of volleys is a time-honored tradition at military funerals, symbolizing respect and tribute to the deceased. These blank cartridges or shell casings, known as “casings from a military funeral,” hold significant emotional value to the families of fallen soldiers. Rather than letting them go to waste, many seek meaningful ways to preserve and commemorate these shell casings. In this article, we will explore various heartfelt and dignified ideas on what to do with shell casings from a military funeral, allowing you to honor the memory of your loved ones in a unique and meaningful manner.

What to Do with Shell Casings from Military Funeral: Honoring the Fallen

1. Create Keepsake Jewelry

  • Crafting Personalized Memorial Pendants
  • Engraving Names and Dates on Casings
  • Symbolizing Eternal Remembrance

2. Frame and Display

  • Showcasing Shell Casings in Elegant Frames
  • Adding Photographs and Mementos
  • Creating a Memorial Wall

3. Planting Memorial Trees

  • Burying Casings Beneath Young Trees
  • Commemorating Life and Growth
  • A Living Tribute to the Departed

4. Make Memorial Plaques

  • Etching Messages of Honor and Gratitude
  • Placing Plaques at Special Locations
  • Memorializing Bravery and Sacrifice

5. Design Custom Keychains

  • Crafting Practical Yet Meaningful Keychains
  • Engraving Quotes or Soldier’s Rank
  • A Daily Reminder of Heroism

6. Designate Bullet Journals

  • Transforming Casings into Journal Covers
  • A Personal and Therapeutic Outlet
  • Preserving Thoughts and Memories

Creating Commemorative Art

7. Sculptural Artwork

  • Collaborating with Local Artists
  • Immortalizing Casings in Art Form
  • Public Displays of Tribute

8. Military Themed Decor

  • Incorporating Casings into Home Decor
  • Designing Patriotic Centerpieces
  • A Testament to Service

9. Crafting Wind Chimes

  • Harmonizing Memories with Chimes
  • Hanging in Peaceful Outdoor Spaces
  • A Melodious Tribute

Preserving History

10. Donating to Museums

  • Contributing to Military History Exhibits
  • Honoring the Legacy of Fallen Heroes
  • Sharing Stories with Future Generations

11. Historical Reenactments

  • Supporting Living History Groups
  • Contributing to Authenticity
  • Keeping Memories Alive

FAQs About Shell Casings from Military Funeral

Q: Can I keep the shell casings after the funeral?

A: Yes, it is customary for families to keep the shell casings from a military funeral as a memento of their loved one’s service.

Q: How can I clean and preserve the shell casings?

A: To clean shell casings, use warm water and mild soap. Dry them thoroughly and store them in a dry, cool place to prevent oxidation.

Q: Are there specific guidelines for repurposing shell casings?

A: While there are no strict rules, it is essential to handle shell casings with respect and sensitivity when repurposing them for commemorative purposes.

Q: Can I involve other family members in the repurposing process?

A: Yes, involving other family members can make the repurposing process more meaningful and provide an opportunity for shared grief and healing.

Q: Is it acceptable to personalize the shell casings?

A: Yes, personalizing shell casings with engravings, names, and dates is a touching way to honor the fallen soldier and add a personal touch to the keepsake.

Q: Can I seek assistance from a professional jeweler or artist?

A: Absolutely, seeking help from professionals ensures that the repurposed items are crafted with skill and dedication, adding to their significance.


The shell casings from a military funeral represent more than just spent ammunition; they embody the service, sacrifice, and bravery of our fallen soldiers. By repurposing these casings in thoughtful and dignified ways, we can ensure that the memory of our loved ones lives on, cherished and respected. From keepsake jewelry to commemorative art, the ideas presented in this guide offer meaningful ways to honor the fallen and keep their legacy alive. Remember, the significance lies not only in the repurposed item itself but in the sentiment and respect behind its creation.

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