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Key Benefits of Botox Treatments Explained

Key Benefits of Botox Treatments Explained

Botox Treatments
Botox Treatments

In recent years, the stigma that has been related to facial aesthetics and the reduction of wrinkles has somewhat vanished, and now more people than ever before are approaching facial aesthetic clinics to have wrinkles and fine lines removed or minimized.

One of the most popular treatments that has come back with a vengeance in recent times is Botox. In fact, in the last five years, the application has risen by 40% with the number of procedures increasing drastically. This has also led to more spas, clinics, and even dental surgeries being able to offer this treatment to their patients and clients.

While most people may associate Botox with the horrific images of a frozen face, the treatment guidelines have also been rewritten, and now having Botox performed is more likely to be associated with good-looking, natural results. Not only that, but for many, Botox is part of a procedure associated with the relieving of soreness and chronic conditions, such as migraines or even issues with the bladder. But these applications of Botox will not be done in a spa and will typically take place at a doctor’s surgery or hospital.

Still need a bit of convincing? Here are some of the key benefits of having Botox performed.


Firstly, Botox is applied to pre-chosen parts of your face or neck using needles. While this may sound scary, when compared to the traditional facelift (which involves a lot of incisions and pulling back of the skin), this makes Botox non-invasive, which means it is more accessible to many patients. It is also more affordable because an operating theater does not have to be booked. In fact, you can now have Botox performed at many clinics (such as at dermani MEDSPA) for less than you may think and with needles that are surprisingly delicate. So, when you are injected, you won’t feel anything. If you have concerns about the sensations associated with having injections, your spa team will usually be able to offer you a numbing agent or gel to the area first.


The application of Botox is incredibly quick, especially when compared to the more invasive methods of reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Generally speaking, some women even call Botox the lunchtime treatment, as they can fit an appointment into their lunchtime break. This will vary, depending on how many syringes of Botox you are having injected, but the procedure generally takes between 30 to 45 minutes.


As briefly mentioned before, due to its popularity and availability, Botox treatments have dropped in price. Keep in mind, though, that you should not aim to simply book at the cheapest clinic, as this can also be reflective of the quality of the materials being used. Instead, try to aim for mid- to high-range clinics or spas. These costs will likely also include aftercare, but you may be surprised about how affordable this treatment is.


The effects of Botox can last up to four months, making it a long-lasting procedure. Of course, this will differ from person to person and will be based on your age at the time of the initial injections, your general health, and whether or not you follow the aftercare advice

Natural-Looking Results

Botox and other non-invasive aesthetic facial treatments will aim to provide natural-looking results, which enhance your best features without looking fake. If you’re not certain how to check that your cosmetic team can achieve this goal, ask to see their portfolio of previous treatments using Botox and then decide if they are the right team for you. But in short, you shouldn’t be worried about ending up with a frozen face and the results should always be based on emphasizing your natural appearance.

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