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Important Things To Know Before You Buy A Las Vegas Condo

Important Things To Know Before You Buy A Las Vegas Condo

Important To Know Before You Buy A Las Vegas Condo

Condo living is a great option to living in a single-family home in Las Vegas. And, people planning to buy their first home find condos more pocket friendly. Even people who wish to own a place to stay during vacation find condos ideal of low maintenance. Anyone looking forward to downsizing as a pandemic survival strategy finds the smaller spaces in a condo very attractive.

Condos make a great housing option for various kinds of people including young professionals. Just like any other home purchase, there are important things to know apart from budget and location. Some of the things you have to know before investing in a Las Vegas condo are highlighted below.

Financing options

Getting finances to buy a condo is different from buying a single-family home. This is because most banks have various standards you have to meet before approval for condo financing. The bank might request the condo’s homeowners association to fill a questionnaire regarding pending building litigation concerning the development’s builder with occupancy ratio. In case of any imminent building litigation which is rare, or there are fewer owners than renters on the property, your request for condo financing might not get approved.

However, some banks including Nevada State Bank are now offering mortgages for condo purchases. Alternatively, you can also get condo financing from a credit union. Seasoned realtors recommend visiting a credit union before you visit a bank to get condo financing. This is because getting approved for a regular loan comes with strict requirements compared to a Federal Housing Administration loan.

Homeowners Association

Most Las Vegas communities have homeowners associations. So, it is very important to evaluate them when searching for the best luxury condos in Las Vegas. You have to understand that some of the most important things you have to know when buying a condo don’t involve the unit. Some of these include the governing body to manage the condo. The homeowners association does more than maintenance such as maintaining the entire building.

So, you have to find out if the association has enough funds. Perhaps you have to pick a copy of their latest budget to be sure that they’re not insolvent. In case the association is underfunded, the property is likely to become dilapidated or to incur more monthly association fees. Additionally, you have to consider the strictness of the association rules in comparison to those in the neighborhoods.  Some of the considerations should include the size of pets to keep on the property and the number of vehicles to park on your property.

Building inspection

You have to inspect all common areas around a condo property you’re considering buying This should include things such as the swimming pool, landscaping, and surrounding walls. These should be in great shape or otherwise, you reconsider your decision. The presence of anything in bad shape portrays poor management of the homeowners association. Going ahead to invest in such a condo is likely to cause you buyer remorse and impact your lifestyle. Additionally, it undermines the resale value of the condo.

Another consideration about the condo before putting pen to paper is to stay away from conversion communities. Such property was previously having apartments before conversion into condos. The bad thing about such property is the presence of structural problems and other defects. Your due diligence and visual inspection also matter. There’s a likelihood of construction defects sounding very ominous but without having anything regarding major construction.

Personal lifestyle

Las Vegas has various luxury condo options. So, selecting one that will give you a wonderful living experience requires minding about your lifestyle and budget. High-rise condos usually range around mid-six figures and come with higher homeowners association fees. However, such units come with world-class amenities including a modern gym, theater, concierge, onsite spa, and free limo service. Most condos on high-rise buildings are near the city center with incredible views and easy access to the Strip.

For a high-end feel despite a low budget, opt for luxury mid-rise condos. However, these might miss some amenities such as the limo and spectacular view. When cost saving is your priority, opt for a low rise or garden style condo. These are usually two or three stories. Alternatively, you can also opt for a townhome if you can afford more than a low-rise location.

Buying a home costs a significant amount. So, you have to make effort to avoid putting your investment to waste. Condo living is a wonderful way to enjoy the luxury that Las Vegas offers. Fortunately, you have endless options when it comes to selecting the best condo. Apart from your budget, you have to consider the homeowners association, your lifestyle, financing option, and inspection among others.

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Important Things To Know Before You Buy A Las Vegas Condo

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