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An Overview of Apprehended Violence Orders in Sydney, NSW

An Overview of Apprehended Violence Orders in Sydney, NSW

Read about An Overview of Apprehended Violence Orders in Sydney, NSW

Australian law has made efficient provisions that ensure no Sydney resident has to live under the threat of violence. Folks fearing harm from people they know can apply for an AVO – apprehended violence order – to protect themselves against violence and injustice. This order can help protect people all over the country, enabling them to lead secure lives.

If you are looking for reliable AVO lawyers Sydney offers a sea of excellent options to choose from. Perhaps the most unbeatable benefit of hiring one of these legal experts is that they can help city folks regardless of which side of the AVO they are on – whether they are the defendant or the complainant.

Before delving deeper into how a local lawyer can assist in such cases, look carefully at some critical aspects of AVOs to understand them better.

What it means

Suppose a person fears bodily harm, intimidation, and other assault from a past or current partner or other known persons. In that case, they may approach the police or the local Australian court directly to seek protection. After hearing both sides, the court may decide to issue the protective order, called the Apprehended Violence Order to protect the complainant from probable threat.

A domestic violence order is drafted when the parties involved have a personal relationship, and it often includes children. But when the parties do not have a personal relationship, such as between colleagues or neighbours, the order is a personal violence one.

It is a criminal offence for defendants to breach AVOs in Sydney and other Australian cities, resulting in dire consequences.

Who can apply for the order and on what grounds

Studies suggest that domestic and personal violence is more rampant in rural Australia when compared to major cosmopolitan cities. Fortunately, people residing anywhere in Australia, whether in a major city like Sydney or the outer regional areas, can file an AVO and protect themselves from impending harm.

In Sydney, anyone over sixteen can apply for a protective order when they fear threat or harm from someone. Even those who have been victims of violent crimes in the past, sexual abuse, emotional damage, stalked, or harassed in other ways can seek the Apprehended Violence Orders AVO.

Typically, the order forbids defendants from:

  • approaching the complainant in any way.
  • intimidating, abusing, menacing or stalking the protected individual
  • molestation and verbal harassment.
  • stalking the complainant at their home, office, or Sydney other locations they frequent.
  • destroying the complainant’s personal property.
  • any extra conditions the court may seem fit to impose or as agreed upon by both parties.

How a lawyer can help

It would be helpful to look for the most reliable and reputable AVO lawyers, Sydney, if you find yourself entangled in such unfortunate cases. Accredited specialist attorneys have unmatched experience, in-depth knowledge of how these cases work, a fair amount of familiarity with the local magistrates, and expertise to handle the issue efficiently.

Whether you wish to apply for an Apprehended Violence Orders AVO or have one filed against you, an expert Sydney lawyer can help walk you through the process and represent you impeccably. It will also be easier on your finances since many local lawyers offer a free initial consultation and then charge fixed fees, ensuring you do not have to worry about hidden costs. Reputable Sydney firms have an army of experienced lawyers working for them, assuring clients of a solid backing in court.

Finally, if complainants wish to modify the order later on or dependents wish to combat it, Sydney lawyers can help in either case with their exceptional skills and legal mastery.


While it is wise to hire an able Sydney Apprehended Violence Orders AVO attorney, it is preferable to look for firms that offer a wide range of services should residents ever need them. So, opt for Sydney law firms that handle drug appeals, murder and manslaughter charges, white-collar crimes, robberies, sexual abuse cases, etc.

Look at their customer reviews to understand the kind of representation and expertise they can offer you.

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