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How to Run an SMS Campaign

How to Run an SMS Campaign

Expand your business with how to run an SMS campaign

The marketing and advertising landscape is changing every day, thanks to technology. As a result of technological advancements, different forms of marketing have emerged. There are higher chances that your current and prospective customers own mobile phones. Although email marketing has been proved to be one of the most effective marketing strategies, there’s a way you can get closer to your customers. This is where SMS marketing comes in.

What is text message marketing?

Simply put, text message marketing is marketing via text messages. It is a great way to market your business if used properly. A good example of text message marketing is when you receive a text message ad from a company offering coupon codes.

What is an SMS campaign?

An SMS marketing campaign is a broader picture of text message marketing. It involves the overarching approach, strategizing as well as the text messages themselves.

In other words, an SMS campaign is the use of text messages to send transactional or promotional information to existing and prospective customers for the purposes of marketing. The text messages are normally time-sensitive and are meant to update individuals who have consented or subscribed to receiving those messages from your business.

What type of businesses can benefit most from SMS campaigns?

SMS marketing campaigns are essentially good for any type of business as long as they are used correctly. However, there are certain types of brands where SMS campaigns are more effective compared to others. SMS mass text campaigns are commonly used in B2C retailers and e-commerce stores for special offers, discounts, membership, and even promos. However, this is not to imply that SMS marketing is not applicable in the B2B world. B2B companies experiencing high-volume sales can also take advantage of SMS marketing.

How to run an SMS campaign

For an SMS marketing campaign to succeed, it must be implemented in the correct way. The reason why some business owners complain that SMS campaigns are not working is because of poor implementation.

  1. Scheduling Texts

The first step in an SMS campaign strategy is to schedule texts at different times for various purposes. Although the time to send text messages is mainly determined by your customer base, there are a few things that cut across.

The first one is that you should avoid sending texts during a busy weekday starting from 9-5 unless your target audiences are other businesses. The second rule is that you should not send text messages at night unless you don’t care about conversion rates.

Other than the above two rules, it is also important to track your results at various times to find out at what particular time the response is greater.

  1. Sending Mass Texts

Automating your SMS campaign process is one of the most effective ways of promoting the growth of your business. Linear business growth doesn’t necessarily translate to linear growth in the absence of automation. The good thing about automation is that it allows you to mitigate at the bottom line to maximize profits.

Without mass text messages, you will have no choice but to send out every text manually. But with automation, you can easily send out messages to hundreds or even thousands of people almost instantly.

  1. Programing the right keywords

Keywords play a crucial role in SMS marketing. You don’t want to send messages just to anyone on your list. As such, it is important to personalize your text messages by using the right keywords in your SMS marketing campaign.

  1. Managing conversation

A well-programmed SMS campaign can only get you so far. Sometimes your existing or prospective customer will require personalized assistance. This is where a “conversations” feature comes in. The feature gives you an opportunity to directly communicate with customers without using a cell phone.

How to structure your SMS campaign

SMS campaigns are some of the most effective marketing strategies. However, you should ensure that it is implemented correctly. For example, you should get consent first and make opting out simple to avoid spamming your customers. Besides, don’t overdo it if a customer gives you permission. Always remember that less is more.

In general, an SMS campaign can help build your brand in many ways. The most important thing is to understand how the strategy works and implement it the correct way.

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