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New Marketing Trends You Should Follow For 2022

New Marketing Trends You Should Follow For 2022

Marketing Trends, New Marketing Trends
New Marketing Trends

Are you an aspiring digital marketer? You need to keep abreast with the marketing trends, and you need to have a better understanding of demand and supply. We all know that the Pandemic has hit the markets hard!

The global economy is searching for some breathers…in order to recover from the effect of the virus. If you are in the marketing department of some company or working independently, you might need some marketing management software.

You can download them from The Pirate Bay for free. In this article, we discuss the market trend that you need to follow for the year 2022.

Marketing Trends To Follow 

In this section, we are providing some marketing trends that you need to know. You need to keep in mind these trend while you’re are working. Let’s discuss some of them that are major highlights for 2022.

1. Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial Intelligence is growing and growing with strength. It creates some real buzz in the consumer world. According to a study, around 60% of internet users have already interacted with Artificial Intelligence. Whatever you might imagine, your smart fridge, your washing machine, and the amenities you get in shopping malls and hospitals – all are AI-powered. You would be amazed to know that Technology is projected to reach a $190 billion industry by 2025. Such promise it has for the time to come.

2. Metaverse 

Metaverse is currently owned by Facebook. It has literally a universal experience that is potentially untrapped. When it comes to gaming, new tech trends go on to develop every day and even in the coming day.

Metaverse has successfully made social commerce a reality with the network realities. It has brought in an entire transformation and unleashed new opportunities for the brands to fill the space and create a completely new world of digital marketing. The promise is immense, and there are a lot of ways to go so far as this very trend is concerned.

3. Video Marketing 

Video marketing is touted to be the future of marketing. There are different platforms where the marketer markets its products. And video marketing is one of them. According to a study made by Google Reports, YouTube has reached 18-49-year-old cable networks. While you are strategizing campaigns for your content, video marketing is a great way to unleash some new world of development.

4. Content Is Still The King

It’s time to say that content is the king in marketing, and it will remain so undisputedly. Viewers come to your website, and if they return disappointed, you have the burden of loss of sales. A consistent supply of high-quality content is a must need thing when it comes to addressing the needs of the consumers. With active storytelling, you’ve got to engage them. This engagement is a must thing when you talk about consumers.

5. Social Media Content

Millions of marketers go on to sell their products on social media. Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are highly popular platforms.

There are around a 180.1million Facebook users in the United States. Imagine the size and the reach. With Instagram, the numbers are no less. There are around 115 Instagram uses. The number keeps on increasing. So it can be said that the marketers of today can not bank on Facebook and Instagram, and others to leverage sales of products and services.

6. Virtual Events

According to studies, these virtual events increase with time, and the market received a 34% increase in virtual event attendance in the year 2021. There has been a 250% increase in such events in the year 2021. They have been really great for small and micro businesses where every penny counts. They drastically cut down expenditures and help in the growth and development of the organization.

Researchers observed that with Virtual events, companies had increased their commitments. Platforms like YouTube Live, Twitter Live, and Zoom increase opportunities here for businesses.


Other than the ones, there are some other trends that marketers cannot dare to ignore in the year 2022. They have been highly successful in the time to come. They will go on to dictate terms and conditions in the playing arena of the market, not double that.

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