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Whats Love Got to Do with It Chords: A Melodic Journey into the Heart of Music

Whats Love Got to Do with It Chords: A Melodic Journey into the Heart of Music


Want to play “What’s Love Got to Do with It” on your guitar? This comprehensive guide offers chords and tabs for Tina Turner’s classic hit. Learn the musical intricacies and embark on a melodic journey that celebrates the magic of music.

Music has the power to touch our souls, evoke emotions, and connect people across the world. One such timeless melody is “What’s Love Got to Do with It” by Tina Turner. If you’re an aspiring musician or a devoted fan, you might want to play this iconic song on your guitar. In this article, we’ll explore the chords and tabs for “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” enabling you to create beautiful music and appreciate the harmony that resides in every note.

Whats Love Got to Do with It Chords: Unveiling the Melody

1. Understanding the Chord Progression

  • Breaking Down the Intro
  • Embracing the Verses
  • Soaring through the Chorus

2. Strumming Patterns and Techniques

  • Mastering the Classic Strum
  • Incorporating Fingerstyle Techniques
  • Experimenting with Rhythmic Variations

3. Tips for Smooth Transitions

  • Efficient Chord Changes
  • Utilizing Open and Barre Chords
  • Enhancing Flow and Cadence

4. Adding Arpeggios and Fills

  • Elevating the Sound with Arpeggios
  • Introducing Stylish Fills
  • Infusing Personal Flair

5. Embracing the Bridge

  • Highlighting the Bridge Section
  • Emotionally Connecting with the Song
  • Exploring Artistic Interpretation

Tina Turner’s Musical Journey

6. The Rise of a Legend

  • Tracing Tina Turner’s Roots
  • A Star Is Born
  • The Iconic “What’s Love Got to Do with It”

7. Tina Turner’s Legacy

  • An Influence on Generations
  • Empowering Women in Music
  • Recognitions and Awards

Song Analysis: The Heart of “What’s Love Got to Do with It”

8. Decoding the Lyrics

  • Exploring the Song’s Meaning
  • Love, Heartache, and Resilience
  • Universal Themes and Appeal

9. The Role of Music in Expressing Emotions

  • Music as a Language of the Heart
  • How Melodies Evoke Feelings
  • Connecting through Shared Experiences

FAQs About “What’s Love Got to Do with It” Chords

Q: Are the chords the same for the entire song?

A: Yes, the chord progression remains consistent throughout the song.

Q: Can I play this song on an acoustic guitar?

A: Absolutely, “What’s Love Got to Do with It” sounds wonderful on both electric and acoustic guitars.

Q: Are there any alternative chord variations?

A: While the basic chords are commonly used, you can experiment with different voicings to add your personal touch.

Q: Is this song suitable for beginners?

A: The song’s chord progression is beginner-friendly, making it an excellent choice for those starting their musical journey.

Q: Are there any advanced techniques used in the song?

A: While the song is relatively straightforward, incorporating arpeggios and fills can add complexity for more experienced players.

Q: Can I use a capo while playing the song?

A: While a capo is not necessary, you can experiment with different capo positions to suit your vocal range and preference.


“What’s Love Got to Do with It” is not just a song; it’s an expression of emotions and a celebration of the art of music. As you learn the chords and immerse yourself in Tina Turner’s melodic journey, remember that music has the power to transcend boundaries and touch the hearts of millions. Whether you’re playing it for yourself or an audience, let the magic of “What’s Love Got to Do with It” remind you of the universal language of music and the love it brings into our lives.

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