US election 2024: Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Bid: Unraveling the Challenges

Where did it all go wrong for Ron DeSantis?

US election 2024: Ron DeSantis' Presidential Bid: Unraveling the Challenges Where did it all go wrong for Ron DeSantis?

Ron DeSantis projected confidence in the video launching his presidential campaign last May, promising supporters “the Great American Comeback.” Seven months later, the man dubbed “Trump 2.0” withdrew his White House bid, acknowledging the absence of a “clear path to victory” against the dominant frontrunner for the Republican nomination. So, where did things take a downturn for the once-political rock star governor of Florida?

Issues arose within the candidate himself, with perceived charisma deficiencies and awkwardness with voters. Additionally, challenges surfaced within the campaign strategy. However, the primary reason for his exit boiled down to the formidable opponent he faced—Donald Trump.

DeSantis struggled to contend with Trump’s unwavering support, described by some as a defining political and personal identity for his followers over the past decade. Experts point out that the election cycle presented an almost insurmountable challenge for a relative newcomer like DeSantis, pitted against an incumbent with name recognition, substantial funding, and a committed voter base.

A year ago, DeSantis posed a genuine threat to Trump, with around 35% in polls and momentum from a record re-election victory as Florida governor. However, as he officially launched his White House run in May, his numbers dwindled to around 20%, while Trump surged above 50%. Delaying the official launch provided Trump with an opportunity to rebuild his outsider image amid legal issues, impacting the DeSantis campaign negatively.

US election 2024: Ron DeSantis' Presidential Bid: Unraveling the Challenges Where did it all go wrong for Ron DeSantis?

DeSantis’ strategy initially avoided criticizing Trump for legal troubles, hoping they would impede his progress. Yet, Trump’s popularity soared amid legal challenges, contributing to the difficulty DeSantis faced. Trump, not holding back, resorted to nicknames like “Meatball Ron” and “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

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Unlike previous rivals, DeSantis ran to Trump’s right, focusing on culture wars rather than top voter concerns like economic issues. Exposed on the national stage, DeSantis’s limitations became apparent, especially in comparison to Trump’s larger-than-life persona. His awkwardness, described as robotic, posed a challenge in states like Iowa and New Hampshire, where retail politics holds significance.

While DeSantis managed to secure second place in Iowa, his campaign ultimately suspended, and he endorsed Trump before further primaries. At 45 years old, DeSantis sees this as a pause, with supporters looking ahead to 2028. Despite the setback, DeSantis remains a figure of interest for future political endeavors.

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