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3 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Alone at Home

3 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Alone at Home

Useful Tips for Leaving Your Dog Alone at Home

Dogs truly are our best friends. Sometimes it’s harder on us to leave them than it is on them!

Some pups are great at making us feel guilty. They cry and whine when they see us getting ready to leave. But then they spend their alone time sleeping and chilling out.

Other dogs get separation anxiety. When they’re alone, they get sick, destroy the home, or engage in other disturbing behavior.

No matter which category your furry friend falls into, here are some tips you can use to make leaving them home alone easier for both of you.

Dog Alone at Home

1. Make Sure They Have a Safe Space

Leaving your dog alone is stressful for Fido, as well as you. Your pup needs to have a place to go where they feel safe, even if it’s a crate. This way, you know they’re not getting into danger, and they are in a comfortable, known environment.

You don’t have to crate your dog for them to be safe. However, you do need to make sure the area is free from hazards. A few basic precautions to follow include:

  • Put up wires out of reach
  • Keep the doors and windows securely shut and locked
  • Keep window blind pulls out of reach
  • Place chemicals and other dangerous household materials in hard-to-reach cupboards
  • Check the area for anything that could be a strangle hazard

Leave fresh water easily accessible, even if you’re potty training your pup. They need regular water as much as we do.

Knowing your dog is in a safe place gives you peace of mind while you’re gone. They may not be happy to be alone, but they will be okay until you get home.

2. Set the Right Environment

What’s the temperature in your home when you’re not there? You might think it’s just right, but remember, Fido has fur. And if you leave him in a crate, he can’t move somewhere and cool off.

Dogs have a strong sense of smell, too. Leave something with your pup that reminds them of you, like a blanket with your fragrance on it.

Finally, a little background noise keeps your dog from feeling completely alone. Put the TV on something that will stream all day (remember, Netflix and movies shut off eventually), or leave the radio playing quietly.

Technology makes it easy and affordable to keep an eye on your pets while you’re gone or let them hear your voice. Gadgets like an automatic ball launcher for fetch or two-way video screens from your phone decrease Fido’s loneliness when he’s stuck at home.

3. Don’t Ignore Separation Anxiety

Canine separation anxiety can be a serious condition. Your dog isn’t acting out on purpose to annoy you. He or she is truly upset that you’re gone.

Dogs with separation anxiety will act out in ways that are destructive or disruptive. Common symptoms include:

  • Seemingly nonstop barking or howling
  • Going to the bathroom in random places around the home
  • Chewing furniture or anything in reach
  • Scratching, digging, and chewing on doors in an attempt to get out

Separation anxiety happens when a dog gets upset that its person is gone. The behaviors can be annoying and destructive, but they can also be harmful to the pup.

How to Manage Canine Separation Anxiety

If you think your dog has separation anxiety, take it seriously. Try to make it more comfortable for Fido to be home alone by giving him a chew toy or treats when you leave.

For more serious anxiety, talk to your vet about using CBD for pets. CBD is an alternative method of calming your pup without using prescription medication. It’s frequently suggested to help pets with chronic pain, arthritis, and epilepsy, and it’s also beneficial for anxiety.

CBD isn’t intoxicating because it doesn’t have the THC component in it. However, it could interact with other medications your dog is taking, or your pup could experience side effects. That’s why it’s best to get advice from the vet before you start giving Fido anything as a potential treatment.

Ignoring separation anxiety or treating it as a behavioral flaw (bad dog!) will make the problem worse. Your pup needs help, and they can’t do it on their own.


Leaving your dog at home so you can work or live your life doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Yes, they might pout and whine, but most of the time, they’ll sleep while you’re gone anyway.

As long as you know they’re safe, and you give them plenty of attention and affection when you’re home, they’ll still be happy to be your loyal best friend.

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Dog Alone at Home

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