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does my dog love me? 7 ways to make your dog love you

does my dog love me? 7 ways to make your dog love you

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does my dog love me: Dogs are a social pack animal and attach themselves to packs and individual pack members. Dogs in a pack don’t love each other because we define the term love. For example, a dog does not fall in love with a pack member and starts an emotional relationship with it. A puppy does not love his mother and maintains an emotional bond all his life. The mother also doesn’t love her children and she doesn’t have a relationship all her life.

Once the puppies are old enough to take care of themselves, the mother stops her mother instincts and treats them like other pack members. Dogs have no emotional relationship with their brothers and sisters. A dog’s instinct is the continuous survival of the pack, and it is only the higher and stronger pack members who may actually mate in a pack. This is to ensure that only the strongest genes are passed on, thus guaranteeing pack survival. So there is no emotional connection such as love between dogs, because we define the term love from a human perspective.

Dog as a Family Member – does my dog love me

does my dog love me: Our domestic dogs do not have the ability to love us, as we define the term love, just as they do not have the ability to love each other. Yes, they are strongly committed to certain members of the family, depending on the amount of time spent with the dog and the quality of that relationship from the dog’s perspective.

For example, I understand that my dog ​​does not love me, but he has a strong bond with me based on respect and consistent leadership. In many homes, dogs have a bond with their human family, and a bond with the family as the families (pack leader). Or in many situations, completely confused and not understanding where it fits in the social hierarchy of the platoon (family) to which it belongs.

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We as dog owners must be careful that we do not equate this strong bond with our love. Many owners who see that their dog loves them can unintentionally reinforce unwanted behavior because of our concept of the term love from a human perspective. Some dog owners who find that their dog loves them allow their dog to dictate the terms of the relationship by not fully understanding why their dog does what he does. For instance. a dog that constantly seeks attention and asks, some owners see that as a dog that “likes” to be with them and only wants affection and is loved by us.

does my dog love me: A dog relationship within the family is based on social instinct. Dogs do not seek love from other members of the pack. We need to be aware of this to ensure that we imprint our dog’s correct behavior and social skills and to ensure that unwanted behavior is not enforced.

We must always be very careful that we do not humanize our dogs by placing human values ​​on them. This type of relationship is the main reason that there are so many dogs in society with behavioral and psychological problems.

I am not suggesting that we should not love our dogs. I love my dog, but I also understand that he does not have the same ability to love me because I define the word love. I must always be aware of this when I am in a relationship with my dog ​​and do not confuse a dog’s natural instincts with love. I don’t stop loving my dog ​​because I understand he doesn’t have the ability to love me the same way. But by loving my dog, I must also be aware of my dog’s natural instincts. does my dog love me.

7 ways to make your dog love you – does my dog love me

does my dog love me: Every person who owns a dog has the desire that his dog might love them. This is usually due to the saying that dogs would give their owners unconditional love. That would of course happen if the owner was also there to give their pet the right amount of love and care. It’s all about earning that love from your dog.

Many dog owners are often mistaken about how they can make their dogs love them. Some resort to pampering the dog, which leads to the dog being unhealthy and stubborn. In order for the dog to love you, you must impose discipline and leadership on them. Show that you are in control. Let them know that you are still their owner and despite that, you love them so much. does my dog love me.

The following tips will help you let your dog know that you love him.

1. Treat discipline – Don’t always give your dog table scraps every time you get the chance. This will simply confuse them about who is actually in charge. This makes them unhealthy and unhappy. Treats are ways to make them happy and healthy. Give them a treat now and then. Let treats be something you give because of something that the dog has done well – such as as a reward for good behavior.

2. Regular playing time – It is essential that you have time to play with your dog every day. Even if you come home very tired from work one day, you still have to play with your dog. Playing can be as simple as getting toys or giving toys to your dog.

3. Give your dog rides – Your dog will feel privileged if you let him go on trips. Have them sit in the very front seat with you. Because of this they will recognize you as the real leader of the pack.

4. Relate to them – To really have a bond with your dog, you must go to their level. Talk to them like you’re a dog too. Struggle with them on the floor or on the couch. This shows your dog that you are like her. (Post: does my dog love me)

5. Daily walks – Always take your dog out. Dogs get excited when they go out. Even if their purpose is only to sniff the flowers in your garden, it makes them active. Don’t ignore them when you walk.

6. Health and care – Let your pet have good hygiene, because this is certainly appreciated. Bathing and grooming makes your dog happy and healthy. Although the dogs generally hate bathing, they love to be clean and knowing that you are the one who cleans them makes them love you more. does my dog love me.

7. Show positivity – action speaks more than words, so when showing care for your dog body language is more important. Saying “I love you” to your dog means nothing unless you show it.

These instructions help you make your dog understand that you love him and make sure that he loves you too.

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