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Best Response to “What Do You Want From Me?”

Best Response to “What Do You Want From Me?”


Not sure how to respond when someone asks, “What do you want from me?” This comprehensive article provides you with the best responses for various situations. Learn how to handle this question with confidence and clarity in personal and professional settings.

The question “What do you want from me?” can catch anyone off guard, leaving them unsure of how to respond. Whether it’s asked by a friend, a partner, a colleague, or even in a job interview, providing the right answer is essential. In this article, we’ll guide you through the best responses to tackle this question with grace, sincerity, and assertiveness. These responses will help you navigate various scenarios and maintain healthy communication in both personal and professional relationships.

Understanding the Context

Before we dive into the best responses, it’s crucial to consider the context in which the question is asked. The meaning behind “What do you want from me?” can vary significantly based on the situation:

1. In Personal Relationships

A. Romantic Relationship

When asked by a romantic partner, the question may reflect a need for clarity about the relationship’s direction, emotional support, or expectations.

B. Friendship

In friendships, the question might arise when one friend feels overwhelmed or uncertain about the other person’s intentions or needs.

2. In Professional Settings

A. Job Interview

During a job interview, the hiring manager might ask this question to understand your career goals, motivations, and how you see yourself contributing to the company.

B. Colleague or Supervisor

In the workplace, this question could arise when a colleague or supervisor wants to know your objectives or what you require to perform at your best.

Best Responses for Various Scenarios

1. Personal Relationships

A. Romantic Relationship

H2: Reassuring Response

Assure your partner of your feelings and commitment:

Possible Response: “What I want from you is to continue building a loving and supportive partnership. I care deeply about you, and I want us to grow together and face life’s challenges as a team.”

H2: Honest Communication

Openly express your thoughts and feelings:

Possible Response: “I appreciate your directness. I want us to have open communication and be there for each other emotionally. Let’s discuss what we both envision for our relationship.”

B. Friendship

H2: Understanding Their Concerns

Show empathy and willingness to talk:

Possible Response: “I can see that you might be wondering about our friendship. I value our bond, and I’m here to listen and address any concerns you have.”

H2: Reinforcing the Friendship

Reiterate the importance of your friendship:

Possible Response: “What I want from our friendship is for it to continue flourishing. You’re an important person in my life, and I cherish our connection.”

2. Professional Settings

A. Job Interview

H2: Displaying Professionalism

Highlight your commitment and potential contributions:

Possible Response: “In this role, I aim to bring my expertise and dedication to drive the team’s success and contribute to the company’s growth. I’m excited about the opportunity to work together.”

H2: Aligning Goals

Demonstrate your alignment with the company’s objectives:

Possible Response: “I want to be part of an organization that values innovation and teamwork. My goal is to contribute my skills to help achieve the company’s mission and objectives.”

B. Colleague or Supervisor

H2: Understanding Expectations

Seek clarification on expectations:

Possible Response: “To perform at my best, I’d appreciate clarity on the project goals and your expectations. This will help me align my efforts with the team’s objectives.”

H2: Collaboration and Support

Show your willingness to work together effectively:

Possible Response: “What I want is a collaborative work environment where we can support each other’s ideas and work cohesively as a team.”


Q: Should I be straightforward when responding to this question?

A: Yes, being honest and straightforward in your response is crucial, as it fosters open communication and clarity.

Q: What if I’m not sure about what the person wants from me?

A: It’s okay to ask for clarification or some time to reflect before providing a thoughtful response.

Q: How can I avoid sounding defensive when responding to this question?

A: Focus on maintaining a calm and composed tone, and avoid taking the question personally. Acknowledge the person’s query and respond with sincerity.

Q: Can this question be a sign of a troubled relationship?

A: In some cases, yes. It may indicate a need for communication and understanding between both parties.

Q: How can I turn this question into a constructive conversation?

A: Encourage open dialogue by asking follow-up questions, such as, “Can you tell me more about what you’re looking for?”

Q: Is there a universal best response to this question?

A: The best response may vary depending on the context and relationship. Tailor your answer to the specific situation.


Responding to the question “What do you want from me?” effectively is essential for maintaining healthy relationships, both personally and professionally. By understanding the context and tailoring your responses accordingly, you can foster open communication, clarity, and mutual understanding. Remember to be honest, empathetic, and assertive while addressing this question, as it can lead to more meaningful connections and collaborations in various aspects of life.

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