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3 Ways to Promote a Laundry Service Startup

3 Ways to Promote a Laundry Service Startup

Laundry Service
Laundry Service

In recent months, a laundry service has become a startup idea that can actually be a thriving home-based business. There is no end to the number of professionals who are beleaguered by the thought that they must take their clothes to the cleaners on a weekend or find a self-service launderette open on weeknights. Many flats in cities like London aren’t equipped to handle laundry rooms and normally that isn’t a problem, except for those working professionals who work odd hours and longer shifts.

If you are looking for a business you can operate from home, you might consider starting a laundry service that picks up clothes and delivers them again when they are ready. However, you may find the competition a bit stiff with larger, established cleaners unless you come up with a few novel ideas. Here are a few ways to promote a laundry service you could offer from home, giving your customers services above and beyond those older establishments.

1. Set Up a Laundry Service Website

If convenience is one of the features you want to promote, you can always set up a website where customers can book a laundry service online. Not only can they pay through your shopping cart but you can also start a blog that will bring customers your way. All you need to start would be something like these affordable Lenovo PCs for Beginners, an internet connection, a WordPress theme and as mentioned, a shopping cart. You will also need a payment processing company that enables you to accept debit or credit cards online, so take the time to compare rates before contracting one to work with.

2. Ultrasonic Disinfecting Device

After more than two years of dealing with a global pandemic and monkeypox popping up in various nations around the world, a greater number of consumers are literally terrified of what might come next. While Covid-19 is airborne, there are other contagions that can live for days on both hard and soft surfaces. There are devices you can use in your washing machines that create ultrasonic waves that form bubbles that add cleaning power to your detergent whilst disinfecting your laundry with those sound waves. It’s really ingenious and something most of those big cleaners probably wouldn’t invest in!

3. Create a YouTube Channel

Among the most popularly viewed videos on YouTube are the “How To” series. Since you are going to be promoting features and services that many of the older established cleaners have available, this would be an ideal place to tell your market area what you can do for them. You may want to talk about how your service not only cleans their clothes but disinfects them as well without harsh chemicals. Maybe you have a van you use to pick up and deliver laundry so you could give a tour of that as well.

The one thing you may want to be perfectly clear on from the very beginning is the area you service. You may want to charge a delivery fee or perhaps work that into the price you charge per load. All of that can be worked out from the very beginning but don’t forget to register your new startup, albeit a small home-based business, and invest in a bit of liability insurance. On small mishap or ‘imagined’ mishap on the part of a disenchanted customer can put you into debt, and that is something you want to avoid. It’s a novel idea and one that can really take off, so give it everything you’ve got and watch how successful your little business becomes.

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