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How Do I Get Someone to Write My Life Story

How Do I Get Someone to Write My Life Story


Discover how to preserve your life story for generations to come. In this comprehensive guide, we explore various options for getting someone to write your life story, from hiring a professional biographer to collaborating with a ghostwriter. Find the best approach that suits your needs and ensures your unique journey is beautifully captured on paper.

Everyone has a life story filled with valuable experiences, adventures, and memories. Writing a life story is an incredible way to preserve your legacy and pass down your experiences to future generations. However, not everyone possesses the writing skills or time to pen their life story themselves. In this article, we explore the different avenues available to get someone to write your life story and ensure that your narrative is shared in the most captivating and accurate manner.

Understanding Your Motivation

  1. The Purpose Behind Your Life Story: Define why you want your life story written. Whether it’s to inspire others, leave a legacy, or share life lessons, clarifying your purpose will help you find the right approach.
  2. The Audience: Identify your target audience, such as family, friends, or the general public. Tailoring your life story for the intended readership is crucial.

Options for Writing Your Life Story

  1. Hire a Professional Biographer: A professional biographer is a skilled writer who specializes in capturing and documenting life stories. Research biographers who have experience in your area of interest and interview them to find the perfect match.
  2. Work with a Ghostwriter: A ghostwriter is a writer who remains anonymous while penning your life story. Collaborate closely with the ghostwriter to ensure your voice and vision shine through.
  3. Engage a Personal Historian: Personal historians are experts in oral history and capturing life stories through interviews and research. They can transcribe your life story from recorded conversations.
  4. Join a Writing Workshop: Participating in a writing workshop can help you gain the necessary skills and confidence to write your own life story under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Collaborating with a Writer

  1. Building a Rapport: Establish a strong connection with the writer you choose. Sharing personal experiences can be intimate, so a trusting relationship is essential.
  2. Providing Background Information: Offer the writer relevant background information and documents to enrich your life story, such as photographs, journals, or letters.
  3. Discussing Themes and Tone: Talk about the themes and tone you want to convey in your life story. This will help the writer capture your essence accurately.

FAQs About Writing Life Stories

  1. How much does it cost to hire a biographer?The cost varies depending on the biographer’s experience and the scope of the project. It can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands.
  2. Can I write my life story without assistance?Absolutely! Many people choose to write their life stories themselves. Writing workshops and online resources can provide guidance.
  3. How long does it take to complete a life story?The timeline varies based on the writer’s availability, the complexity of the story, and the depth of research needed.
  4. Can I have multiple co-authors for my life story?Yes, you can have multiple co-authors to provide different perspectives or collaborate on specific chapters.
  5. Will my life story be published as a book?It depends on your goals. Some life stories are published, while others remain for private use within families.
  6. Can I include fictional elements in my life story?While creative liberties can be taken, it’s essential to distinguish between factual events and fictional elements.


Your life story is a unique and invaluable gift to share with the world. Whether you choose to work with a professional biographer, ghostwriter, or write it yourself, capturing your journey is a rewarding experience. Remember to consider your motivations, audience, and preferred approach while entrusting someone to write your life story. Embrace the process, and let the words weave a captivating tapestry of your life’s adventures.

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