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Diamond in the Rough Meaning Easy 100%

Diamond in the Rough Meaning Easy 100%

Know about Diamond in the Rough

Here you can know that There are two different meaning about “diamond in the rough”. First is related to person for appreciating or encouraging and second is about Diamond Stone.

First meaning: Some People think that when someone said to someone that diamond in the rough, it’s a compliment, my dear friend. Diamond in the rough is always a compliment, but it means that someone has found you like a diamond – MAYBE you are a very giver – but you are some where shy and surly about that what you do: like a directly taken diamond from the mine – rough. But if you learn to accept compliments and thanks when you do something for someone or give someone something, the diamond that you will be and polished and shine like a diamond and you will no longer be rough.

Second meaning: Some People think that As far as I know, “Diamond in the rough” is not used as a compliment. It is generally used to describe for specific or something or more rarely someone with great potential that has simply not been refined or developed to be appreciated as much as it should be.

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It means that you probably give an impression that does not meet your talents and skills. It may have something to do with your appearance or how you speak. It means that you may not come across as well at first impressions as later when people get to know you better.

Diamond in the Rough about Stone

If you are thinking about real diamond so “diamond in the rough” mean When a diamond is found in nature or in nature, it needs proper care, cut and polished to reach its potential. A rough diamond is a most of metaphor or speech similar or different figure that symbolizes an abstract idea. Diamonds are made from a rough stone, rough Stone has to go through a different process, such as cutting and polishing and then it became diamond. In short, that Rough Stone go through the different and very hard process and then became a diamond.

Nobody likes Rough Stone, but everybody loves diamonds.

Leadership Tips – Diamond in the Rough

Regardless of the circumstances, I always found one or more people in the group who had a unique combination of skills, ability and effectiveness, along with the perspective to understand how things worked in the company. They also knew why they worked the way they did and had great ideas for improvement. These people were not part of the leadership team. They were usually very low in the organization. Over time I came to see these people as rough diamonds.

Characteristics of a Diamond in the Rough

Have you ever left someone in your organization to find out until they left how much they knew and achieved? Or maybe you have seen someone who considered you Joe Average submit their resignation, and the next thing you know is that they have a new job with a title and salary that is similar to yours? Maybe they even started their own consultancy!

You probably missed a rough diamond. These people are exceptionally smart and do their job well. They are often well trained. They do not draw attention to themselves. They may work long hours, but it is just as likely that they are very efficient, do their work on a normal working day and maintain a good balance between work and private life.

If you find a rough diamond and ask why they are as quiet as they have so much to offer, you will get a modest answer. They usually don’t like to brag. However, under pressure they can admit that they expect management to appreciate their value. It is a shame if you discover this in an exit interview.

The rough diamond can also be silent or restrained if the culture is one where they are afraid to be shouted down when they challenge leaders or colleagues. If that is the case, you want to know and address the problem.

How to find a Diamond in the Rough

Let’s start with what won’t work. You cannot send an email asking everyone to nominate their favorite diamond. If you want diamond mining, you really don’t want anyone to know exactly what you are up to.

Talk to as many people as possible. Hold skip level meetings in small groups (4-6 people) so that people have to start the discussion. Practice MBWA (management by walking around). Listen to people and some will surprise you.

Every leader says they have an open door policy. Continue. Show by your own behavior that you are really approachable. Eat lunch where your people eat.

In short, do everything you can to give yourself the chance to stumble across a diamond. Do everything you can at the same time to create an environment that encourages them to identify themselves. (Post: Diamond in the Rough)

Advantages of Finding Diamond in the Rough

Beyond the obvious – you want to be able to rely on the best and smartest talent in your organization – your credibility in leadership increases when you find rough diamonds and shine light on them. The diamonds were perhaps invisible to leadership, but not to their colleagues. When people see you recognize these talented people, they conclude that you are not just an empty suit.

People will be encouraged and you help create a dialogue culture in which ideas are freely exchanged and new ideas are treated with respect and value. Diamonds are the best friend of a leader. (Post: Diamond in the Rough)

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