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Text symbols is very short and easy to understand the SMS symbols. This is how you discover the meaning of the SMS symbols or emoticons as they are called that you receive. However, if you encounter problems, you can consult the following list of SMS symbols. There are many people who are new to texting and chatting online. These people find it very daunting when they receive a text message with smiley faces. They cannot decipher the meanings, especially when typing in: ^ {or: (#).

This is a new form of communication that is also called Short Text Messages (SMS). We must use our cell phone to send chat messages to our friends. In addition to texting, we are also addicted to online chats.

Text Symbols History

Smiley Face Text Symbols The idea and the first use of a smiley with text is credited to Scott Elliott Fahlman, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University. He thought that using smile and frown text symbols would help notice board users to distinguish between serious messages and jokes. The message with details about the use of smiley emoticons was posted in September 1982. In this article, Smiley Lore :-), Fahlman describes why he felt it was necessary to mark messages that contributors did not want to take seriously by others who read it Bulletin board:


Texting Symbol Meaning
:<> Amazed
o:-) Angel smiley
:-ll Angry
(-.-) Zzzz . . . asleep
:-X Big Kiss
I – O bored/yawning
((((((((((O>>>>>>o cannon firing
*$gt;) / :O) clown
%-) Confused
d8:) Cool
X-( cross
:’-( Crying
:e Disappointed
:-& Disgusted
o-&-> Doing nothing
:-)….. Drooling face
:*) Drunk smiling face
<:-O eek!
>=-O frightened
&:-) From a person with curly hair
#:-) From a person with matted hair
=o-o=/ glasses
😀 very happy, laughing
:-, Hmmmm…, smirking
:- I hypnotized!
O-S-> In a hurry
ITD in the dark
:-* Kiss
+ knight
: )) laughing
😀 Laughing
<3 Love Heart
:-S makes no sense
O-Z-> man running (whole body figure)
😮 Ooooh!!shocked
8-> person in glasses grinning evilly
O-G-> Pointing to self
: – puzzled
@<–<– red rose
🙁 Sad
: – O saying ‘Oh!’
:-@ Screaming
: v shouting
(O-> something fishy here
SITD still in the dark
😎 Sunglasses face
:-O Surprised/shocked
:-. ssshhh talking very quietly
<[]I television/video screen
((@))-((@)) the Demon Headmaster
😛 Tongue in cheek
:-amp; Tongue-tied
: [ unfriendly
: – ( unhappy
: C v. unhappy/incredulous
:-)) Very Happy
:-* Kiss
^_^ “kiki”
-_ Squint
O.o Confused
<:O Upset
<3 Heart
:v Pacman
:|] Robot
🙂 Happy
🙁 Sad
😛 Tongue
😀 Grin
:O Gasp
😉 Wink
8) Glasses
B) Sunglasses
:3 Cute/Cat-like
<:( Grumpy
:/ Unsure
:'( Cry
3:) Devil
O:) Angel
:putnam: Chris Putnam (Facebook Engineer)
Symbol for Facebook Meaning
o:-) Angel smiley
:-X Big Kiss
d8:) Cool
:-)….. Drooling face
:-* Kiss
<3 Love Heart
@>–>– red rose
:-)) Very Happy
( ‘}{‘ ) Boy and girl kissing
:”) Blush
😉 Cheeky wink
😉 Flirty
😡 or :o* Kiss
o) Wink
*^_^* Huge Wide Grin
})i({ Butterfly
:-p Naughty

Common Text Message Emoticon Symbols

Emoticons are images or faces made of characters on the keyboard of a mobile phone. You can choose to send emoticons to express your mood or add some humor or personality to a message instead of typing a full message.

Text Abbreviation

Text Abbreviation Meaning
?4U Question for you
2bctnd to be continued
2g4u too good for you
2l8 Too late
2MORO Tomorrow
2NITE Tonight
2WIMC too whom it may concern
4e Forever
4yeo for your eyes only
AAM as a matter of fact
AB! Ah Bless!
Adctd2uv addicted to love
AFAIK as far as I know
AFK away from keyboard
AML all my love
AMOF As a matter of fact
ASAP as soon as possible
ASFAIC As far as I am concerned
ASL age, sex, location
ATW at the weekend
AYDY Are you done yet
AYS Are you serious
B4N Bye for now
BCNU Be Seeing You
BFF Best Friends Forever
BRB Be right back
BTW By The Way
C&G Chuckle and grin
Cm call me
COS Because
CU see you
CUL see you later
DQMOT Don’t quote me on this
DUR? don’t you remember?
EOD end of discussion
EOL end of lecture
F2F face to face
F2T free to talk
FC fingers crossed
FYEO for your eyes only
FYI for your information
G9 genius
GF Girlfriend
BF Boyfriend
GG good game
GMTA great minds think alike
GR8 Great
GTG Got to go
GTSY great to see you
H&K hugs and kisses
H8 hate
HAGN have a good night
HAND have a nice day
IC I see
IDK I don’t know
ILY I love you
IMO in my opinion
J4F just for fun
J4K just for kisses
JK Just Kidding
KC keep cool
KIT keep in touch
L8R Later
LOL Laugh Out Loud
LTG Like to go
LTK like to come
LYLAS Love you like a sister
A3 Anytime anywhere anyplace
M8 mate
MGB may God bless
MYOB mind your own business
NMH Not much here
NO1 no one
NP No Problem or Nosy Parents
NSA No strings attached
NVM Never mind
O4U only for you
OIC Oh I see
OMG Oh my God
OXOX Hugs and kisses
PCM please call me
PLMK Please let me know
POV Point of view
PPL people
RBTL Read between the lines
RMB ring my bell
ROFL Rolling on floor laughing
SRY sorry
STATS your sex and age
STBY Sucks to be you
T+ think positive
T2ul talk to you later
TMB Text me back
TMI Too much information
TTYL Talk to you later
TYVM Thank you very much
U4E yours forever
UFB Unfreakingly believable
URH You are hot
URTO you are the one
W4U waiting for you
WAN2 want to
WEG Wicked Evil Grin
WRT with respect to
WTG way to go
WUF where are you from
WWYC Write when you can
WYWH Wish you were here
Y2K You are too kind
YBS you will be sorry
YT You there
ZZZZ Sleeping or bored

Other text message Symbol Meaning Sources

Text Symbols: The popular symbols and emoticons change daily and new ones are constantly being made. If you don’t find any symbols and emoticons on these lists that meet your needs or get confused by a message you’ve received, look at some online databases with a more extensive list of text symbols, emoticons and other fun text message ideas. (Post: Text Symbols)

Text Symbols: It even becomes embarrassing to ask about their meanings, because it implies that you are not aware of the latest developments in technologically cool languages. You don’t have to worry anymore. This Techspirited article covers some of the most commonly used symbols used for texting and chatting. You can refer to the following list of SMS symbols as a dictionary to help resolve your confusion behind the various acronyms and abbreviations.

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Text Symbols: We often hear a new word and hurry to refer a dictionary to its meaning. With new words added to the language every other day, it is difficult to keep track of their meanings. For example, a dictionary appears to be a life saver. As the form of communication changes every other day, we are becoming more addicted to texting. So if you are an avid texter or an instant messaging user, you must have encountered many SMS abbreviations. (Post: Text Symbols)

What else? You can even send some text symbols that symbolize a word. What do these type of abbreviations, acronyms and short text forms stand for? Which dictionary should you refer to to decrypt the code behind these SMS symbols? This is where we will help you. When typing with your thumbs, save your effort by communicating with as few letters as possible. Consequently, users created SMS symbols as a sort of shorthand to make SMSing easier and faster. Most symbols are logical and have become a mainstay in SMS language. (Post: Text Symbols)

How to make text symbols a smiley

Text Symbols: To create a smiley with text, use standard characters and punctuation in sets that resemble human facial expressions. Smiley face text is all set aside.

“This problem has led some of us (only half seriously) to suggest that it might be a good idea to explicitly highlight messages that should not be taken seriously. After all, when using text-based online communication, we miss the body language or tone-of-voice signals that convey this information when we talk in person or on the phone Several massages about “joke markings” were suggested in the middle of that chat or discussion it dawned on me that the character sequence 🙂 an elegant solution – a solution that can be processed by the ASCII-based computer terminals of that day. “(Post: Text Symbols)

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Text Symbols: When you receive a message with the alphabet ‘Y’, this simply stands for the word ‘why’. If someone says “U8?” Sends, do they actually mean that you ate? The ‘U’ stands for you and ‘8’ stands for eaten. If you get a text symbol in massage from someone like: “(it simply means that sender is crying. The symbol <3 stands for heart. Vowels in the spelling are usually omitted because it helps to minimize the number of keystrokes. For example,” btwn “is in between because and “hndsm” stands for handsome. (Post: Text Symbols)

With these symbols you not only save time, but you can also send longer texts that contain more personality and emotion. You can also use these text symbols when sending messages on popular social networking sites. If you can’t find a symbol or emoticon that meets your needs, create one yourself and teach it to your friends. Who knows? Your symbol or emoticon can become the next trend. (Post: Text Symbols)

Thanks for reading about text symbols. Please share it to others for spreading information and knowledge about writing.

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