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Good Synonym Inspiring 100%

Good Synonym Inspiring 100%

Learn about Good Synonym

Learn about good synonym and related words – (acceptable | bad | adequately | all right | alright | excellent | exceptional | creditably | decently  | favorable | great | marvelous | positive | satisfactory | satisfying | superb | agreeable | commendable | gnarly | gratifying | fine | middlingly | honorable | valuable | wonderful | nicely | ace | boss | bully | prime | rad | sound | spanking | first-class | first-rate | select | shipshape

Capital | choice | respectably | crack | neat | precious | recherche | reputable | nice | pleasing | worthy| passably | admirable | congenial | satisfactorily | deluxe | sterling | super | superior | serviceably | welcome | splendid | stupendous | super-eminent | super-excellent | tip-top | up to snuff | OK (or okay) | so-so, sufficiently, tolerably, well).

Words Related to Good Synonym

aptly  | appropriately | congruously | correctly | decorously | effectively | gratifyingly | satisfyingly | effectually | efficiently | elicitously | fittingly | neatly |tidily | happily | meetly | rightly | seemly | suitably

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Antonyms of good

Bad | badly | disagreeable | expected | inferior | deficiently | ill | unacceptable | unhelpful | unimportant inadequately | insufficiently | detestable | evil | fake | forged | immoral | intolerably | poorly | unacceptably | unsatisfactorily | OK | insignificant | ordinary | poor | second-rate | unnoteworthy | unsatisfactory

Ten Ways to Wish a Good Night – (Good Synonym)

After a long, tiring day, you are ready to pack the bag and catch up with some zzzz’s. But you cannot do this until you wish everyone a good night. Whether those you love are at home or far away, there are many different ways you can tell someone good night and good night. View these 10 different ways to say good night.

1. Good Night SMS – (Good Synonym)

A good night SMS is essentially a text message. As long as the person you want to reach has a cell phone, sending a good night text is easy and one of the best ways to wish someone good night who is not in your area.

2. Write it Down

You can become really creative if you say goodnight in writing. Use a chalkboard or colorful markers and place it in the bedroom or in another place that everyone will see.

3. Make a Video

This works well for people inside and outside the house. If you have a smartphone, there are a number of apps available with which you can easily create your video and say goodnight in any desired way. Sing a song, make a short film – you will certainly catch a lot of love with your video creation. (Post: Good Synonym)

4. Sing a song

Make your own lovely goodnight song and sing your lover in dream land! If you want to make it really special, make sure you let the creative juices flow!

5. Use Alphabet Letters – (Good Synonym)

Arrange those fried magnetic letters to wish everyone a good night. The children will definitely love these! You can also find fun and creative ways to say it with your words.

6. Say It in a Different Language

Do you really want to impress someone when you say good night? Say it in a different language! They may look surprised at you, but they will certainly enjoy it (and learn a new word themselves) once you’ve told them the secret.

7. Write a Poem

Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s time to go to sleep, so I send you goodnight wishes! Writing a cute and smart poem is another fun way to wish goodnight.

8. Social Media – (Good Synonym)

Everyone uses Facebook, Twitter and the abundance of other social media sites out there, so make sure you are too! You can easily post goodnight messages to anyone who uses their social network pages. (Post: Good Synonym)

9. Leave a Teddy Bear and Note on The Pillow

What about leaving a teddy bear with a goodnight note on the pillow? This is a very unique way to say goodnight and one that will put a smile on the face of the recipient.

10. Hugs and Kisses

Send hugs and kisses at the end of the day to wish those who love you a good night. What better way to say good night than with a lot of love and affection?

There are many other ways to wish your loved ones a good night. Now it’s your turn how you express that sentiment. Sound of your thoughts in the comment section. (Post: Good Synonym)


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