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What is a Portable Electric Heater?

What is a Portable Electric Heater?

What is a Portable Electric Heater?

Effective heating solutions are the key to keeping warm throughout the cool winter months, so it’s important that you have strong, reliable heating solutions in place. 

Choosing the right heater for your lifestyle can provide you with thermal comfort all throughout the year. With a portable electric heater, you can even stay warm when you’re on the go! By what is a portable electric heater?

To help you make the right purchasing decision, here’s what you need to know about portable electric heaters. 

What is a portable electric heater?

A portable electric heater, also known as a space heater, is a portable heating device that can be used in a variety of locations and settings. 

Portable electric heaters have diverse applications. They can be moved from room to room or used when travelling without access to reliable heating. 

Benefits to consider

There are many benefits to using a portable electric heater. These heaters are designed to accommodate a range of uses and applications. They can be transported for on-the-go thermal control and are generally easy to set up and operate. 

Most portable electric heaters are lightweight and sturdy, making them easy to carry. They are able to produce efficient heating when connected to a power source. Usually, portable electric heaters are very safe to use, not incurring any issues with air pollution or ventilation requirements. 

For use in small group settings or for a single person, portable electric heaters are a great choice, allowing users to stay comfortably warm with ease. 

Types of portable electric heaters

There are two main types of portable electric heaters: radiant heaters and convection heaters. 

Radiation heaters use infrared radiation to produce consistent, reliable thermal control. These heaters are very stable, helping to warm small spaces for individual or small-group use. Radiant heaters are designed to heat the space directly in front of them.

Convection heaters use air heating and circulation methods to warm spaces. These heaters are small, compact, and reliable for broad use applications. Convection heaters can be used to heat large spaces through a process of air circulation.

Typically, portable electric heaters operate on a 15 amp, 20 volt circuit and are available in 400 to 1,500 watt models. 

Making your choice

When choosing a portable electric heater, it’s important that you do your research to identify which style or model is likely to be the right choice for you. 

Consider your heating needs. Are you heating large or small spaces? How many people require heating results? 

You’ll also need to consider where you plan to use your portable electric heater and how often you’ll need to move it. Is your chosen heater lightweight, easy to carry, and well suited to the demands you plan to ask of it?

Whenever you purchase a new heating device, check the product’s safety ratings and reviews, and don’t forget to pay close attention to installation and operation instructions. 

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