Setting Up a Business in Australia: What Are your Options?

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If you have the intention to register a new business in Australia, there are numerous options open to you. Prior to doing anything, it makes sense to examine all of the business registration choices and in this short article, we outline the various types of business that you can register in Australia.

  • Foreign Registered Company – This enables a foreign entity to open a branch office that is registered with the ASCI. All liabilities are held by the parent company and this is a long-term option that requires annual tax returns to be filed. You also need a Resident Public Officer and a local agent and this can take up to 12 weeks to complete. Your law partner can source a Resident Public Officer who must carry out specific tasks in order to comply.
  • Private Limited Company – As the name implies, your liability is limited to the company and with Australia Resident Director services from a leading local law firm, you will always be compliant. This involves ASCI registration and like a foreign registered company, you have to file annual tax returns. When setting up a company in a foreign country, it is imperative that you seek the advice of a local law firm that focuses on helping foreign businesses to register with the Australian government.
  • Representative Office – This suits a foreign company that wishes to carry out extensive market research in Australia and the good news is that you don’t need a Resident Director or Public Officer with this type of registration. You do not have to submit annual tax returns, nor do you have to register with ASCI. All liabilities are held by the parent company and this type of business can be registered within 30 days, making for a good short-term. If you are looking for staff, here are a few reasons to use a top recruitment agency.

Seek Out Legal Expertise

As you would expect, the rules and regulations regarding setting up a business in Australia are very complex and in order to select the best options, you need some top legal advice from a law firm with experience in this field. Not only can they advise you, they can also prepare and submit your registration application, ensuring that you are always in compliance.

Other Essential Business Services

Whether bookkeeping or accounting, you will need to outsource services to local providers and a local law firm has all the connections you need. Reliable and professional services can be sourced from local 3rd party providers, which means you don’t have to directly employ additional staff. They can also find temporary office staff if you have the need.

Enjoy a Free Zoom Call

If you search online, you will find a leading Australian law firm that focuses on helping to set up businesses for foreign investors. Much like most developed countries, Australia has a complex set of rules and regulations for business registration and you are advised to make contact with the right legal expert who can facilitate your company registration.

Once you hook up with a leading business law firm, they can facilitate your application and you can enter a new market.

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