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Best Way to Do Nadi Shuddhi – Nostril Breathing Energy Guide

Best Way to Do Nadi Shuddhi – Nostril Breathing Energy Guide

Yoga for Peace – Nadi Shuddhi

The word “Nadi Shuddhi” literally means cleansing the nadis.

[ There are 72000 pathways in the human system]

When we say nadis, we are not talking about the 72,000, because these amount are only a branch out of the two basic nadis – the pingala and the ida. 36,000 branching out from pingala, 36,000 branching out from ida. This is the energy physiology of a human being.

When we say ‘Nadi Shuddhi’, we are talking about cleansing fundamentally the pingala and ida so that energy system will work in balance. There is a connection between your breathing and your mental structure.

To balance all your thoughts is a very much important step that you best need to take, if you want to more balance your activity, your emotion, results of your life and the real impact you have on other people’s lives, Nadi shuddhi plays most an important role.

Here are a few guidelines that will determine optimal conditions and significantly improve your responsiveness to the practices.

  • Please ensure cell phones are either in silent mode or switched off.
  • It is advisable not to sit for the program with a full stomach or immediately after a meal.
  • Please sit with your spine comfortably erect, hands uncrossed and palms open.

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These conditions will prepare you to be in a heightened state of receptivity and derive the most benefits from the practices. These practices are very safe and simple and can be done by anyone.. The practices that we will learn here can be done by anyone aged 7 and over. If you wear glasses while doing yoga practices, remove them and keep them aside.

How to do Nadi Shuddhi:

Please observe. Sit in a cross-legged posture with your spine comfortably erect, eyes closed. Your Left hand must be loosely placed in the middle of your lap and palm facing upwards.

How to Do Nadi Shuddhi
How to Do Nadi Shuddhi

#NadiShuddhi Use always only your right hand, use your ring finger and thumb, fold your index fingers and middle, The ring and little finger are kept straight and next to each other.

Close your eyes.

Now important, block your right nostril “remember” right nostril with your thumb “remember” thumb and inhale through your left nostril. After the inhalation is complete, exhale through the same. In a similar fashion, using the ring finger block your left nostril and inhale through your right nostril.

Then exhale through the same. Again block the right and open the left, inhale, and exhale.

Be focused on your Breath in Nadi Shuddhi:

when you do this Nadi Shuddhi, the most important thing is to breathe in completely slowly and as gently and calmly as possible for you. You should not make any sound when you exhale or inhale.

So for this to happen, you just need to remember one basic point so that Nadi Shuddhi happens by itself. You will always switch after every exhalation. So that means, whichever nostril you inhale through, the same nostril you exhale through.

You do Nadi Shuddhi for at least four minutes. A few corrections for the practice
Do not keep your left hand on the thigh. The left hand should be loosely placed in the middle of your lap. To clarify, on the right, use
Only your thumb and ring finger. The ring and little finger are kept straight and touch each other.
Fold your middle and index fingers. If you cannot keep them straight, do so

Iit as best as you can. Also, there is a tendency to keep the head down or turned to one side. Unknowingly, your face may somehow tilt. Your head should be straight.

If you maintain this, your system will balance very quickly. Ensure not to press too hard on the lower part of the nostril. Locate the septal bone on your right nostril. Just a millimeter below, if you place the thumb with very minimal pressure, you can effectively block the nostril so that no air can escape.

Make sure you don’t breathe superficially by breathing normally or holding your breath. Breathing must be completely in and completely out.

Ensure your head is straight. Continue to be focused on your breath.  Please slowly open your eyes.

It is the most fundamental requirement. If you hold it as the ultimate goal in your life, you will only rest in peace.


Thanks for reading about Nadi Shuddhi


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