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What is Stalking Meaning? Stalker Behavior, Types, Prevention

What is Stalking Meaning? Stalker Behavior, Types, Prevention

Read about Stalking Definition – Stalker Behavior – Stalk Synonyms

Stalking Meaning, Just like domestic violence, stalking is a crime of power and control. The term stalking means the act or crime of intentionally engaging and repeatedly following or harassing behavior directed at a specific person in circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to fear injury or death, in particular, because of explicit or implied threats to his or her safety or the safety of others or suffering significant emotional distress. Stalking behavior is related to intimidation and intimidation and can follow or follow the victim personally.

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What does stalk someone mean? Stalking Meaning

“Stalk” someone means is mostly unwanted or angrily or obsessive attention by an individual or group towards another person. Stalking behaviors are Compulsive intervention which is related to harassment, intimidation, and physical violence which may include following the victim in person or monitoring them. SB to follow a person or an animal as close as possible without being seen or heard, usually in order to catch or kill them. The term stalking is used for a criminal offense in psychiatry and psychology and also in some legal jurisdictions. (Post: Stalking Meaning, Types, and Prevention)

What does it mean to stalk a girl? Stalking Meaning

Stalk to a girl is described as the willful and repeated following, observing, and/or bothering another individual or gang. Acts of stalking against a girl or woman can include obsessive phone calling, obsessive messaging (virtual or physical), physically harassing or threatening the victim, or vandalizing her property. Stalking to a girl is a mean criminal activity which all consisting of the illegal repeated following and harassing of any girl or another person. Stalking is a very distinctive form of criminal any activity composed of a different series of actions that taken individually might constitute legal behavior.

Stalk Synonyms:

Chase Hunt Prance
Sashay Strut Swagger
Capture Drag Net
Snare Trap Pussyfoot
Tiptoe Lumber Lurch
Pound Shamble Shuffle
Stagger Dog Ferret
Hawk, Hound Pad
Step Tread Sweep
Pace Stride Course
Pursue Run Rundown
Spoor Track Trail
Flounce Mince Traipse
Parade Promenade

Stalking Meaning

The term SB is used with some different definitions in psychiatry and psychology. As well as in some jurisdictions as a term for an offense.

Although stalking is illegal in most parts of the world, some actions that contribute to stalking can be legal, such as gathering information, calling someone, texting, sending gifts, emailing, or instant messaging. They become illegal when they violate the legal definition of harassment (for example, an action such as sending a text is usually not illegal, but is illegal when it is often repeated to an unwilling recipient).

The law of the United Kingdom even stipulates that the incident only needs to happen twice if the attacker has to be aware that his behavior is unacceptable (for example, two phone calls to a stranger, two gifts, following the victim and then calling, etc.). (Post: Stalking Meaning)

Stalking is a Crime that can Affect Anyone

Stalking is when someone repeatedly harasses, threatens, or intimidates another person who does not want their attention. This person can appear at a person’s home or workplace every day or night, make threatening phone calls, follow the victim on foot or by car, send written notes or leave notes in places the victim can find, or even vandalize the personal property of the victim. They are obsessed with “owning” the victim.

Stalking is illegal in all states, although the laws and legal definitions of stalking vary from state to state. A Stalking Meaning anyone can become a stalker regardless of race, gender, age, background, status or location. And the same applies to the stalking victim. There is no set pattern to identify a stalker. They all differ. (Post: Stalking Meaning)

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Anyone who is stalked should contact a victim specialist in their area to come up with a safety plan. Although the act of stalking is illegal, the many acts that make up the stalking behavior are not illegal. It is not illegal to call someone on the phone, visit their home, send e-mail, send gifts, etc. But when these unwanted actions are repeated repeatedly over time and the victim does not respond like the Stalker would like, they can lead to the danger of violence. (Post: Stalking Meaning)

Cultural norms and meaning influence the way stalking is defined. Scholars note that the majority of men and women admit that they display different stalking-like behaviors after a fracture, but stop this behavior over time, suggesting that “involvement in low levels of unwanted pursuit behavior for a relatively short time, especially in the context of breaking a relationship, can be normative for heterosexual dating relationships that occur in American culture.

Stalking is following someone or something very close and following every movement. If you are a very famous movie star, it is very likely that someone will stalk you even if you read this sentence!

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The actual verb stalking or actual means chasing carefully and often stealthily. It was originally used in the dictionary to describe hunters following their prey and waiting for the precise moment to attack. In its more recent, everyday usage, stalking and its run-like stalking refers to the act of chasing a person, often because you have an unhealthy obsession with them. Stalking your present or ex-girlfriend to see if she’s dating someone may seem like a good idea, but it’s unwise and illegal! (Post: Stalking Meaning)

Types of Victims in Stalking Meaning

Based on work with stalking victims in Australia for eight years, Mullen and Pathé identified different types of stalking victims depending on their previous relationship with the stalker. These are: 

Earlier intimacies:

Victims who had previously had an intimate relationship with their stalker. In the article Mullen and Pathé describe this as the largest category. The most common victim profile is a woman who has previously shared an intimate relationship with her (mostly) male stalker.

These victims are more likely to be exposed to violence by their stalker, especially if the stalker had a criminal history. Moreover, victim or victims (date stalkers) have less chance of violence from their stalkers. A (date stalker) is considered as a person who had an intimate relationship with the victim, but who was short-lived. 

Stalking Meaning Informal acquaintances and friends:

Most male stalking victims fall under this category. This category of victims also includes neighboring stalking. This can lead to a change in the victim’s place of residence. Stalking Meaning

Stalk Meaning Professional Contacts:

These are victims who have been stalked by patients. Clients or students with whom they have had a professional relationship. Certain professions such as care providers, teachers, and lawyers run a higher risk of stalking.

Stalking Meaning Contacts in the workplace:

The stalkers of these victims usually visit them at their workplace, which means that they are an employer, employee or customer. When victims get stalkers in their workplace, this poses a threat not only to the safety of the victims but also to the safety of other people. 


These victims are usually unaware of how their stalkers started to stalk because these stalkers usually form a sense of admiration for their remote victims.

The famous:

Most of these victims are people who are heavily portrayed on media but can also be people such as politicians and athletes. 


Stalking is often considered aggravated when the behavior in question also violates a restrictive order that protects the victim. (Post: Stalking Meaning)

How to Prevent Someone Cyber from Sneaking up on You

Call 911 if you are in immediate danger. Contact your local police to report stalking and stalking-related incidents and/or threats. Office on Violence Against Women does not provide services directly in all states to the general public. Find any time local help on our map or call the national hotline: (Post: Stalking Meaning)

National Center for Crime Victims

1-855-4-VICTIM (1-855-484-2846)

For more information visit: Stalking Resource Center

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