How important are bicycle helmets? Positive aspects of cycling for the typical cyclist

How important are bicycle helmets? Positive aspects of cycling for the typical cyclist

While most people would agree that bicycle helmets are the best way to protect your head when you are involved in an accident, many people consider them quite low on their priority list for protection against injury. Many cyclists argue that preventive measures such as maintenance and training can prevent accidents, creating a plea not to make bicycle helmets mandatory.

Bicycle maintenance

Many of the people who are against the making of a bicycle helmet law argue that maintaining their bicycle to keep it safe is just as effective at preventing injury. Simple things like making sure the tires have enough tread and air can prevent minor injuries from the bike slipping. More important, however, is that the brakes work correctly. Since 75% of cycling accidents occur at or around intersections, having good brakes can make the difference between a near miss and an accident. It is important to make sure that the brakes are in order and effective.

Since 16% of serious injuries are not associated with a collision with another vehicle, proper bicycle care can prevent the rider from losing control due to poor steering or even feet slipping from broken pedals.


Making sure other road users can see you is one of the most important preventative measures you can take. You may notice that cyclists often wear bright colors and reflective vests to make sure they can be seen properly. About 75% of fatal or serious cycling accidents occur in urban areas, suggesting that these are busy urban situations with a lot of traffic, so cyclists are difficult to spot. While not necessary, a bright cycling helmet can help with this, which is another argument for its use.


One of the most important ways to stay safe on the bike is to be careful on the road and obey the traffic rules. There is a lot of road safety literature available, including the Highway Code that teaches you how to use the roads safely. Unfortunately, this does not protect you against fellow road users who do not know the rules very well or who do not see you.

To help combat this, extra caution must be taken around intersections and you should expect people to pull back and stab you right through you. This ensures that when it happens, you are ready. The longer you use the roads, the more you learn the mistakes other people make. This will help make sure you are aware of them and can avoid them.

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Positive aspects of cycling for the typical cyclist

Simply cycling at a moderate speed for 90 minutes, 3 periods a week will melt away the equivalent of 30 lbs of body fat in a person yr.

Blood Strain – Typically cycling is a workout that can lower high blood pressure.
Significant Cholesterol – There are optimistic scientific tests indicating that regular cycling decreases the LDL range by as much as 15%, although it increases the HDL level by 5%.

Muscle Tone – Even though most of the body’s muscle procedure is used while cycling. The legs do most of the job, but a lot of other muscle tissue throughout the body functions to guide you on the bike. The muscular tissues of the arms and shoulders and the abs are also offered very good exercise over the course of a moderate 90 minutes ride.

Joints – Cycling is an excellent joint workout. Because of the lower impact of the variety of exercises it is, there is really a little concern on the joints.
Cancer – The risk of numerous cancers has been shown to be reduced by regular cycling. These include colon, breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer.

Tension – Cycling because of its cyclical movement has an excellent reassuring result for the human body. This in turn stabilizes the emotional functions of the human body. The end result is reduced anxiety and depression, along with other psychological problems.

As with any other form of exercise, cycling is not an ‘all cure’ answer to superior well-being. A good diet plan is necessary for beneficial wellness. Pay interest in calorie consumption and try to eat excellent, healthy, low-fat foods. Avoid tobacco products. Cigarette smoking has been attributed to many welfare problems. Men and women who quit smoking cigarettes and start aerobics software, these types of cycles not only significantly increase the body’s respiratory function, but also improve blood circulation dramatically.

Men and women who do not initially have an excellent physical condition should always check with a physician before starting any exercise system. When cycling, use a widespread feeling and constantly use a helmet.

Avid cyclists know that there is a wide variety of cycling equipment to choose from. Deciding what you need indicates that you are wondering about some essential issues.

– What equipment is required by law?

– What equipment provides the most convenience and comfort for the cycling that I plan to do?

– Which devices are ideal for the summer / winter ailments?

Bike sales staff should be ready to enable you to respond to these concerns while you search for new or up-to-date cycling apparel.

What equipment is essential according to the legislation?

Just about every government has an ordinance or law requiring helmets for cyclists. Some states require them for all riders when other individuals have an age requirement. A cost-effective, effectively designed helmet can help you save your life. Whether mountain biking or street cycling, a helmet is a must for anyone who rides a bike.

While not exactly essential by law, quite a few state cycling groups recommend donning reflective outfits while cycling as well. This is an added safety benefit, ensuring that you can be seen by cars and pedestrians.


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How important are bicycle helmets? Positive aspects of cycling for the typical cyclist

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