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Studded Condoms Perfect for Increasing Sensation Experience

Studded Condoms Perfect for Increasing Sensation Experience

Using Studded Condoms Maintaining the Health of the Penis

Using Studded Condoms for successful Relationship. If a man enjoys all the pleasures a new partner has to offer, he must maintain excellent penile health – and to do that, he must choose the right condom. Using the right barrier protection is one of the most important principles of good penis care. But choosing the right condom isn’t as easy as walking into the store and buying the first package that looks good. This is what a man needs to know to properly complete it.

The Studded Condoms Options

Choosing the right condom offers a man a dizzying array of options, from those that glow in the dark to those with weird tastes. Here’s what he needs to know about each option.

1) Studded Condoms Size

Each condom manufacturer offers different sizes, and those sizes may be slightly different from the next manufacturer. That ultimately means that there are literally dozens of sizes of condoms to choose from. A man will have to experiment with different brands and then the sizes within each brand until he finds the one that fits perfectly.

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2) Reservoir points

If a man is wearing a condom, the ejaculate has to go somewhere. If there is no reservoir point, it can burst through the condom and ruin the attempted protection. While it may be tempting to try out some form-fitting models. Reservoir tips for the best protection are the only way to go.

3) Colors Studded Condoms

If the sizes can turn a man’s head, just wait for the colors! All options are on the table. While colors don’t really matter when it comes to adequate protection, a man who wants to make his outfit look a little bigger should always opt for lighter colored condoms, or bright ones, like fluorescent yellow or bright pink.

4) Studded Condoms Flavors

This can be of interest to the man who likes oral action and wants to make sure his partner enjoys it too. The available flavors are virtually endless. However, keep in mind that new condoms should still have the tip of the reservoir – they should provide both protection and pleasure.

5) Environmentally Friendly Options

There are now condoms that are environmentally friendly or made from organic materials. Before following this route, a man must ensure that the condoms are as powerful as the latex options to prevent disease transmission. Assuming they are, hey – why wouldn’t your mother nature show a little love while you turn it on?

6) Ribbed, Studded, and More

Usually marketed as ‘for pleasure’, these fun condoms have ridges, ribs, studs, ridges and much more that add a little extra sensation. There are even condoms with vibrating rings on that are meant to give a little extra ‘oomph’ exactly where she needs it.

7) The Strange and Unusual Studded Condoms

From canned spray condoms (currently in testing) to penis sleeve and condom combos to covering only the tip of the penis but not the shaft. there are many strange options out there. A man should always make sure that the condom he chooses has been fully tested and approved as a protective agent against infections, and that the condom certainly stays put during intensive activities.

8) Spermicide or Lubricants?

Some condoms come pre-packaged with spermicide or lubricant already in it. The only caveat here is to make sure that a man (or his partner) is not allergic to those ingredients. After trying these condoms, make sure that no one involved gets a rash or other irritation where the condom touched their skin.

Finally, always make sure the penis is ready to rumble with the regular application of a top-quality penis cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil. It has been clinically proven to be mild and safe for the skin). A good cream packed with shea butter and Vitamin E can help fight dry skin. It can occur after using a condom, leaving the skin supple, smooth, and attractive.

Studded Condoms Perfect for Increased Sensation

Condoms today are no longer limited to just the smooth ones. It is because they now also come in the structured styles that are meant to increase the feeling and pleasure during carnal intercourse. So who says that you can’t enough enjoy an intimate carnal experience even with condoms?

Studded condoms are one of the textured styles available today for carnally active adults. These are shaped and structured, some have ribs on the top of the condom and at the base. The ribbed areas are aimed at adding stimulation, especially for the females. If not the ribs, the other condoms have hundreds of raised studs or bumps on the outside of the condom for the ultimate satisfaction of women and on the inside to give men pleasure. Since this type is intended to bring mutual pleasure to partners, they are usually wider with a more contoured shape and a spherical tip.

For nailed condoms, the three more well-known brands are those of Rough Rider, Beyond Seven, and Durex intense sensation.

Rough Rider Studded Condoms

The Rough Rider studded condoms are for the cowboys or those who like a bumpy ride, so to speak. Previously known as Contempo Rough Rider made by Ansell Corporation, this high-quality condom comes with lubricant and reservoir tip. What’s more, the studs sit throughout the condom, meaning top-down and all around for added sensation.

Latex condoms with Rough Rider studs are lubricated and naturally colored with a reservoir end for extra comfort. This is the original studded condom, perfect for partners looking to spice up their carnal experience. It has become so popular that it is now known as an independent brand, but with the same great style.

Beyond Seven Studded Condoms

Beyond Seven studded condoms are made by top Japanese manufacturer Okamoto, which also makes Crown condoms. This is a highly preferred condom, especially because of its thinness that creates a more natural feel for users and their partners. Made from the super-thin sheerlon material, this condom is strong and durable compared to the regular latex condom. Sheerlon provides a smoother and more natural feeling, it almost feels like a second skin.

Beyond Seven super-thin studded condoms have three-inch raised studs for a great feel. They are also lightly lubricated for extra comfort. This brand certainly has an edge, because apart from the unique sensation it brings, users and their partners are also assured protection against carnally transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. They can be purchased online in bags of 12, 60 or 144 and are only available without spermicide.


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