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The Wheel Of Negativity: What Happens When You Have Bad Karma & How To Clear Bad Karma

The Wheel Of Negativity: What Happens When You Have Bad Karma & How To Clear Bad Karma

The Wheel Of Negativity: What Happens When You Have Bad Karma & How To Clear Bad Karma

Karma is associated with Hindu and Buddhist concepts of the wheel of dharma or rebirth. Negative karma can cause this wheel to turn in undesirable directions and lead to ongoing suffering rather than liberation. Find out more about good and bad karma, the effects of bad karma and how to clear your karma. You can connect with psychic mediums online to work toward a clearer understanding of karma or gain insight by interpreting a free natal chart.

The Principles of Karma

Bad karma can seem like an insurmountable obstacle, particularly when you learn that traditional Indian religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism believe that karma originates in past lives. The karma you create today can influence the rest of your life and any future rebirths.

The primary principle of karma pertains to the relationship of cause and effect with regard to the ethical qualities of intention and action. The definition of karma is action, work or deeds. It is important to recognize that we have the ability to change our actions and therefore our karma. Other principles that are often taught as the 12 laws of karma pertain to the cultivation of good karma.

Why Some Karma Is Bad

Unwholesome or bad actions tend to have unwholesome or bad results. In some ways, this sense of cause and effect applies to this existence. Spiritual systems that are predicated on karma often suggest that some bad karma originates from previous existences. In turn, our negative actions may bear fruit in this life and in future lives.

In general, bad karma stems from intentions and actions that result in harm to ourselves or others. Getting to the root of bad karma by consulting with the best love psychics or other trained spiritual practitioners can help you find ways to start generating good karma for positive effects in this life and the future.

How To Clear Bad Karma

The best way to clear bad karma is to start generating good karma. If you believe that bad karma originates from prior actions during your current life or past lives, you may need to accept the consequences of these actions, form the intention to cultivate good karma instead and act on this intention.

Giving and receiving forgiveness is one of the best ways to clear out potential causes of bad karma. Showing gratitude and making selfless contributions of beauty and goodness are also ways to generate good karma. It is important to note that some situations conventionally associated with the production of bad karma are not actually linked and that it is possible to act in disinterested or unintentional ways that do not have the same karmic effects as interested and intentional actions.

Bad karma can have long-ranging effects, both in this life and beyond. Even if you do not believe in reincarnation, the consequences of your actions are likely to affect other people and live on in this way. Recognizing the characteristics of bad karma and good karma can be beneficial when you are seeking a rationale for improving your intentions and actions.

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How To Clear Bad Karma

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