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High Five! Top 5 Rarely Used Hand Emojis

High Five! Top 5 Rarely Used Hand Emojis

Read About High Five! Top 5 Rarely Used Hand Emojis

Hand Emojis, With so many emojis on the scrollable keyboard, you are sure to miss one or a dozen. There are more than a hundred to memorize and new ones that are introduced every year, and it is only natural to overlook some of them. There are some you are familiar with and use regularly. However, there are also some that you see a lot but never use.

Whether it’s a sport you have never heard of or a flag you have never seen, there is an emoji version of it. It includes hand emojis! The raising hands emoji is probably one of the many you have used more times than you can count. There is more to hand gestures than doing the victory sign or the crossed fingers.

If you are so used to doing the hand gestures in person, then it is time you add the emoji version to your posts and messages. Read on to see the top five rarely used hand emojis!

1. Writing Hand Emoji

Writing long letters has gone out of fashion when modern telephones became prevalent. People are suddenly calling from all over the world to talk to their loved ones in real-time instead of waiting for a month for a five-page letter. But to people in love, writing letters is one of the best ways to get your feelings across.

Though not many people write, there are a few instances wherein the writing hand emoji is used. This pictogram usually denotes a person writing down notes or listing down groceries. Another way some people use this emoji is to say that they are busy studying.

2. Palms Up Together Emoji

Asking for help is not a weakness, so every person has asked for help at least once in their life. The ability to be hopeful despite being helpless is something to be proud of. So, when you put your hands up together, you are taking one step closer to being helped.

The palms up together emoji symbolizes asking for help and giving praise. However, it is also believed that this pictogram is the Islamic version of the praying hands emoji.  Some people pair this emoji with the red heart emoji or the dove emoji to show kindness and compassion.

3. Pinched Fingers Emoji

The well-known Italian hand gesture that shows frustration has become a meme. It became this Southern European country’s symbol, well, on the internet anyway. But contrary to what people believe, pinching your fingers together means more in the Italian culture.

The creators made the pinched fingers emoji to represent Italy. This hand gesture is sometimes called the ma che voui or the “finger purse.” The pinched fingers emoji also comes in different skin tones. Though most people are familiar with this gesture, it’s rarely used due to the fear of cultural appropriation.

4. Call Me Hand Emoji

Telephones became the height of long-distance communication from the late 1980s to the early 2000s. If you wish to talk to a friend after school or you are going to discuss dinner plans with a significant other, the “call me” hand gesture became a popular and acceptable signal. It’s when you extend your thumb and pinky extended then put it over your ear.

The hand gesture is sometimes called shaka or phone hand. Since texting and messaging are easier ways to let people know you are going to call, the call me hand emoji is not used as much. Some people do not even notice that it’s there. Though one of the rare times people use the call me hand emoji is when people mistake it for the sign of the horn emoji.

5. Vulcan Salute Emoji

“Live long and prosper” is a phrase popularized by Mr. Spock, a half-human and half-Vulcan character from the 1960s science-fiction television show Star Trek. The character pairs the phrase with an unusual hand gesture. It is when you raise your hands and part it between the middle and ring fingers. American actor Leonard Nimoy mentioned that the hand gesture was inspired to use it when he saw Jewish people praying. 

The hand gesture is popular among Trekkies and sci-fi fans alike. It’s like a signal when meeting new fans. And the gesture is so popular that the Vulcan salute became an emoji. Except for the fans, this emoji is rarely used because not everyone knows what it stands for. There is also barely an instance that allows the use of the Vulcan salute emoji.


Emojis have helped translate words into pictograms for more than two decades. With just one emoji, you can already convey a message. But just like languages, some fade into existence. There are too many emojis, and memorizing all of them is an almost impossible task. That is why some are never used at all. Just knowing what it means is enough. Who knows, you might even have a chance to add them to a conversation. Don’t forget to check out for more information!

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High Five! Top 5 Rarely Used Hand Emojis

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